Sew Many Places Reviews

Jinny Beyer - "I’ve recently returned from a fabulous trip to Indonesia. It was spectacular. Craftours certainly knows how to run a tour. We stayed in a first class resort and took day trips from there. We did lots of sight seeing, sewing, and eating the delicious Indonesian food! This is the third trip that I have taken with them. In all of them the accommodations were first class, the organization exceptional, and on each trip the local guides that were arranged have been awesome....so much planning, knowledge and information has gone into these trips and I recommend them highly."
Bonnie Hunter - I’ve been honored and blessed to have been traveling with Craftours over the past several years as a teacher, lecturer and as a tour escort. The attention to detail and organization of every aspect of the tours from travel logistics, to lodging, activities and highlights are unsurpassed. Be it a cruise, a land tour or other excursion, be prepared for phenomenal itineraries, first class accommodations, knowledgeable and engaging tour guides, and even fabulous and fun bus drivers (land tour) who will give you the trip of a life time. This is the stuff that travel dreams are made of. These are memories that will last a life time. The folks I have met while traveling with Craftours have become friends for life. There are Sew Many Places to see! There are Sew Many Places to discover!
Kaye England - "I consider myself very lucky to have traveled with Craftours. I have seen China, Italy, Bali, Africa, Australia, Ireland, England, Scotland and sailed the seas all while looking at things through a "Quilters Eye". All of the trips have exceeded my expectations with great attention to the details. I have met wonderful people, seen wonderful sites and made a lifetime of memories on our quilting tours. Craftours has a tremendous focus on hotels, food and tour guides which makes the trip memorable for all. I recommend a trip with Craftours as a delightful way to see the world."
Judge Jack Smith - "Just wanted to thank you for another great "adventure of a lifetime"! That phrase can be overused, but in the case of our recent trip to China it fits perfectly. Our first "trip of a lifetime" with you was to Kenya several years ago. West Africa is not the most stable region on our planet, but we knew you could trust your leadership and we signed on board. Kenya was memorable for two main reason: First was your absolute command of the many crucial details, and second was your choice of in-country guides once we got there. We made lasting friendships on the Kenya trip and saw indescribable beauty, wildlife and culture.
It was the Africa trip that compelled Nancy and I to join you on the China trip. Once again, trust in you was key. We were not disappointed in China. Our in-country guide, Charlie, was really a modern-day Confucius. He understands his country, his culture, and his clients - us! China is avast, ancient, and bewildering country. It is so unlike our culture in so many ways. But, through Charlie and other guides, we were able to see an almost bewildering range of scenes and people. When I think that we went from the ancient Great Wall all the way to the futuristic Shanghai bullet train, I realize we had spanned some 3000 years in time in just two weeks! And your foresight, planning and hands-on leadership made it possible and enjoyable.
Thank you, Craftours, for your vision, energy, and, yes, courage in providing such a memorable time.God bless you!"
Pam Gray, Mukwonago, WI - "It was evident that much planning had taken place to give us a progression of experiences that really helped me appreciate the culture, art, and natural beauty of the people and island of Bali. Our guide, Mawa, is exceptional! I loved this experience!"
Marion Fetter, Humboldt, Saskatchewan - "For me this was a trip of a lifetime, one that I will never forget. Craftours made it so easy for us to sit back and enjoy. Accommodations were top notch, food great, and Mawa our guide knew so much. Thank you to Jinny for teaching me a new quilting skill, I have been practicing and showing a couple of my quilter friends what I have learned. Thank again for a most memorable experience."
Charlotte Carr, Seattle, WA - "It was an excellent tour with 32 people on board. I prefer smaller tours, but this one was wonderful."
Janet Hamilton, Davis, California - "I’m not a quilter. Why take the journey? Three dear quilter friends wanted to make a foursome for the trip. I had been to Bali many years ago and had some idea what to expect. But this was really special. I learned so much about the art of batiking and also about the culture. These were experiences I would not have had going there on my own or with a general tour group. So glad I did it."
Barbara Pierce , Brisbane, AU - "The trip was well organized, our needs were taken care of promptly. Our tour director is excellent, our tour guide was wonderful. I give the trip five stars. I had never been on a quilting trip before, so didn’t know what to expect, what I found was a great trip, the tours were top notch."
Bronwyn Morris, Queensland, AU - "My Bali expedition was fabulous, sightseeing, down time, and shopping. I would do it again in a heartbeat"
Joan Barto, Michigan, USA - "I have travelled with Craftours for the past 12 years, taking at least one tour or cruise per year. It has been a wonderful opportunity for me to see the world, enjoy the company of quilters from all over the world and know that I don't have to worry about anything.
I am a widow and never mind traveling on any of their tours. I have been on two trips, one in Africa and one in India and they were truly amazing. I recommend Craftours to anyone who is a quilter and wants to travel and have a first class experience."
Sue Lathrop , - "Seeing gorgeous batiks in Bali was truly a highlight for me!!!"
Charlotte Carr, Seattle, WA- "I went with Craftours to Bali and had both a wonderful time seeing a gorgeous country, but wonderful quilting experiences as well. I highly recommend Craftours."
Mary Eagle, Cambridge, ID , - "I loved my trip to Bali with Craftours. I would have never even imagined taking such an adventure on my own. Everything was so well planned that all I had to do was figure out what to pack. It was almost as if even the weather had been arranged just for us!"
Eunice Sutter, Reston, VA - "A trip to Bali has always been at the top of my bucket list and now another trip to Bali with Craftours is again at the top of my bucket list. Before the trip, the staff made it easy for each traveler. It was a "no hassle" trip! Everything was taken care of. Once we arrived in Bali the trip was one I will never forget. The hotel was top notch, and the hotel staff was very friendly and accommodating. Our local tour guide was the BEST! As we traveled from place to place, Mawa kept us entertained with information about Bali and its customs and traditions. The tours were more than I ever expected, we met and had an opportunity to meet and talk with the artisans who were eager to explain their craft to us. The trips to the Batik factories and the opportunity to design our own batik was fun, eye opening, and a very humbling experience. Further, I can't say enough good things about the people in Bali. Everywhere we went, whether it was the very nice restaurants or in the marketplace, the people met us with a smile and went out of their way to accommodate our individual needs and desires. Oh, yes the BATIKS were wonderful! I wanted to buy them all! I can't wait to go again with Craftours."
Donna Conklin, Murrells Inlet, SC - "My trip to Bali was the most wonderful trip of a lifetime!! We stayed in the best hotel, had the best people taking care of all our needs on our excursions. We had the best guides, and learned more than we could absorb on each days outing. It was great to talk to quilting people from other places, and form new friendships. Craftours is super in knowing what is best for all of us on our tours, and making any changes to accommodate.

I would truly love to do another trip with Craftours and yes, Tuscany and Ireland would be exciting.
Beth Beardsley, Boulder, CO - "I traveled with Craftours to Bali in 2007 and it was the trip of a lifetime! Bonnie Hunter and Kaye England were our guest teachers and they were wonderful. We had really interesting day trips that were batik education and just plain Bali education. I meet so many wonderful quilters in one place. Our accommodations were first class. I cannot say enough about the laughter and friends that I made. If you have the chance to go, take my advice and GO!"
Toni Baker, N LittleRock, AR - "The Bali trip surpass my expectations, with lots to do although getting sick on that trip, I developed some friendships of very special quilters that I otherwise wouldn’t have ever met. I cherish those quilters and sharing friendship with them."
Donna Ann Molinelli, Driggs, Idaho- "I have done two amazing tours with Craftours. They were incredibly well organized and yet allowed for some "off-script" fun. Stopping at a school in Bali with a contribution is just one example. I have only applause and great memories."
Missy Lawver, Liberty, NC - "Amazing. The tour was well organized and the events were local cultural treasures that I never would have seen had I tried to visit Bali on my own!"
Lani Nagy, Willits, CA - "WOW! What a wonderful trip. Birds and elephants and Monkeys, oh my! And the batiks were awesome. I learned so much about the making of batiks and I have so much respect for the people who work there. I hope I get to go again someday."
Lorraine Brown, Plainwell, MI - "This was the best experience I could have had! Learning Batiking has increased my appreciation for the art! The range of activities, the people, and the food is an experience I would encourage everyone to go!"
Amy Hyman, Scottdale, AZ - "This was truly a wondrous trip. It was versifier, allowed for free down time and exploration while keeping the focus on Batiking"
Jane Ratcliff, Phoenix, AZ - "It was an amazing trip, a true adventure. I got to see places I would never have seen on my own, and learn about the culture. Of course, the buying of batiks was incredible! Very nice, friendly, helpful and as accommodating as he could possibly be. He has obviously visited the area before and was quite knowledgeable of customs and culture."
Kartar Kaur Khalsa, Phoenix, AZ - "Batiking in Bali exceeded any and all expectations! Every day was full of new experiences and surprises! Budi & Surya were amazing! My friends & I are already planning our next trip!"
Jackie Kersh, Lakewood, CA - "This was my first trip to Europe and a great way to go. Everything was planned and arranged so that all I had to do was show up! Our daily excursions were to places that were interesting and fun. I liked that we were given a lot of free time to shop and explore on our own as well as the guided tours."
Carole Green, Kuttawa, KY- "I loved all of the locations that we visited. The small communities gave the real feel of Tuscany. The local guides were excellent - very personable, knowledgeable and humorous. The winery experiences were wonderful (even for a non-wine drinker!)."
Beverly Brown, Bloomington, IN - "Tuscany tour was everything I hoped for in seeing this beautiful area of Italy!"
Paula Von Winckelmann, Paso Robles, CA - "Great itinerary with just the right pace to enjoy the sights and have some free time."
Wayne & Jenny Harwood, California, USA - "My wife and I have traveled Craftours to Tuscany with a quilting group from Los Angeles a few years ago. I have to say, by far, this was the best vacation we have taken in the 32 years we have been married. The hotel we stayed in was exceptional, the tour guides were knowledgeable and polite, and everything that was planned and the things we did exceeded our expectations. This testimonial is written with the intent to persuade husbands to travel with their wives on these trips. Even though there is a quilting element to the tour, I never felt it was anything that got in the way of my happiness as a person who does not quilt.
We are looking forward to traveling to China next year. We have no doubt it will be another great adventure."
Paula Morrison - "The Tuscany tour was amazing! Italy has been on my bucket list for quite some time. I am so happy that Craftours made this trip of a lifetime exceed my wildest dreams! The magnificent itinerary, lodging, food, transportation and tour guides were beyond spectacular! Our group became one big family because we shared such amazing memories that will last a lifetime! Thank you all for such a grand time!"
Cecilia Ashcraft, Malvern, AR - "I had the time of my life! Tuscany was everything I imagined it would be. Craftours did a great job of making sure I saw all the necessities while giving me time to explore on my own as well. The accommodations were wonderful and the details were all taken care of.
Anita Houston, Midland, TX - "It was the best ’creative’ vacation I’ve ever taken!!! Hands down! The places we visited, the people who tagged along, the Art I ogled at, and the art I made with Tim Holtz were all top notch!"
Kathryn Harpold-Dunn, Benicia, CA - "It was a wonderful adventure packed full of special destinations, sites and activities. I tell my friends that this was like an antipasti platter: lots of little tastes that wet your appetite for more."
Joy Kennedy, Orange, CA - "This was a trip of a lifetime! Thank you Craftours for allowing us to experience such an amazing journey!"
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, MA- "I enjoyed the trip so much I am planning to take another trip with this company."
Michelle Yantzonika, Willamette ESD - "I just wanted to comment on my trip with Craftours. I went to Tuscany in October 2012 and I had such a fabulous time!
Tuscany has always been a place I dreamed of going someday. With Craftours, that dream became a reality! All of the cities and sights that we visited were truly amazing! The architecture, and the colors and textures of the landscape was breathtaking! The people in Tuscany were all so helpful and kind even when I messed up what little Italian I had learned for the trip. This was truly a trip that I wished had never ended, but I hope to return again to Tuscany in the near future, and continue my adventure.
Thank you, Craftours, for making this dream come true for me."
Donna Mccartney-Smith, Salem, Oregon - "I traveled to Tuscany this past October with Beth on the McCall’s Tuscany trip. It was truly the trip of a lifetime. His attention to detail made the trip run smoothly, but his personality made it fun.
I smile every time I think of my week in Tuscany. Today, I was shopping for a bottle of wine, came across one that we had tried on a vineyard tour and started grinning ear to ear.
I’m saving up for another trip, hopefully this year. As my friend and I said after our trip in October..."We work to travel!"
Barbara VanBurger, Horseheads, NY-"Traveling everywhere is the best part of life... Not only seeing interesting, historic, inspiring places but meeting with fellow tourists and the people living in the area give the creative input to learn or look at the world and design in a new way. It is wonderful to be along with others of the same interests I enjoy that so very much. Tuscany would be a wonderful addition to my travels and also the collection of fabrics in new places. Exploring fabric shops in a different part of the world whether here or abroad is always a joy."
Evelyn Zachor, Bothell, WA- "My husband and I joined the Tuscany tour to celebrate my 60th birthday. It was a trip we had been planning for some time. I saw this tour in McCalls magazine. It was the perfect answer to how we would see so many places in one trip. This trip truly gave us the flavor of Italy with the freedom to enjoy sightseeing without the fuss of doing the logistics work. It left us with a lifetime of memories and look forward to building more. Another tough decision. :) where to go next... Craftours!"
Jayne Willbur, Battle Creek, MI - "Exciting and awesome! What an adventure and one I thought would never happen for me. Everyone in the group was courteous to each other. We experienced some NEW things while on this trip and the sites and scenery -- wow! I can honestly say the food served us was exceptional, even though I learned to eat with chopsticks (fun) I can honestly say by the end of each meal I felt satisfied. We took in a lot of information in the two-week period and I felt there couldn’t have been better drivers, tour guides, and timeliness of each adventure done any better than what was done for us."
Judith Kirk, Unley, S. Australia - "China was great with so many new experiences in such a short time. And such a joy to meet Ali!"
Lisa Bialock, Sun City West, AZ - "Craftours and their team do not just take you on a journey, they experience it with you."
Ute Jarasitis, Tacoma, WI- "When I travel with Craftours, I know we’ll go first class and everything will be taken care of with a smile."
Mary Ellen Francis, Weybridge, VT- "This was my first trip with Craftours. The only word that I would use to describe the experience was fantastic. All the tours, accommodations and food was first class. The trip was obviously well orchestrated, and ran smoothly. All the guides were knowledgeable and friendly, willing to answer any question and fulfill any request. I would not hesitate to go on another trip."
Barb Glasier, Kentwood, MI- "This said Ultimate China Trip and it was--every little detail and lots more than I expected. Loved every minute and felt I saw so much and learned so much about China. Enjoyed trying all the different foods of China. Really loved all the different arts and crafts we saw being done."
Debbie Rey, Richland, MI - "The Ultimate China Expedition was my second tour with Craftours, and it was absolutely stellar from start to finish. One of my favorite reasons for going with this company is that the trip is so much more than just sight-seeing. China (and my prior trip, Ireland) were both a terrific blend of history, culture, shopping, restaurant/food experiences and other unique experiences where I leave a country truly feeling that I have had a once-in-a-lifetime experience and made some new friends as well. The handling of all of the details a group tour entails were impeccably executed. If you want to see the world, I can think of no better company than this one."
Bev Burington, Prineville, OR - "Really enjoyed the trip. Would like to go back and spend some more time in certain cities."
Gina Ellingen, Naperville, IL - "It was a tour with magic in almost every single day, a fantastic trip!"
Peggie Murray Tampa, FL - "I thoroughly enjoyed the tour. It was just the right size for the type of tour. It allowed for everyone to feel like they had personal attention when needed. The individual tour guides were awesome. I learned a great deal about Tuscany while relaxing and enjoying my vacation."
Bev Palko, Okotoks, Alberta - "The trip was wonderful. It was very well organized. I would not have been able to see all of these places on my own."
Debbie McClelland, Groveland, Massachusetts - "I traveled with Kaye England and Craftours to China seven years ago. This was a dream of mine and I was not disappointed. This was the trip of a lifetime and we experienced the ultimate in travel. Craftours made sure we have first class accommodations and that we not only saw the sights but experienced the culture. Our guides were topnotch and enriched our experience."
Sheri Renaud, North Las Vegas, NV - "I had an occasion to take a quilting tour through McCalls and Craftours to Bejing, China in 2005, I believe. I have to say, I had no idea what to expect on the trip, but going with fellow quilters was reassuring. It turned out to be an exceptional experience. From the arrival in China to our final departure, things could not have been better. Craftours had thought of everything, including a place to purchase extra luggage for all our goodies when we were ready to come home. The hotel was five-star with excellent cuisine. The tours and tour guides were exceptional. All of the tours were well thought out to allow us to experience as much of China as possible without feeling overwhelmed. It was something I will never forget and I am so glad for the opportunity to experience it with a quality tour company such as Craftours.
Next chance I get, I will definitely tour with Craftours again, especially if it involves quilting."
Rosemary Hopkins, St. Louis, MO - "I took a trip to China with Craftours. It was amazing, even the cruise on the Yangtze where our accommodations were less than sterling. I would love to go to Ireland with you."
Lois Wolfe, Little Suamico, WI- "I have traveled with Craftours to China, New York, Ireland and France. I feel very blessed to have the wonderful memories of these trips with lots of laughs and wonderful friends that were made. The Travel Agency is very thoughtful when planning your dining, lodging, and sight seeing, its like they are planning it for themselves. All I can say is THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES."
Karen Cooper, Coralville, Iowa- "I have traveled on two of your trips, one to Ireland (This was before you had the quilt show over there) and the other to China. I had to find a partner to go on that one. That was the most fabulous trip I have ever taken. We were with a great group of people and everyone was very friendly and helpful to each other. Charlie was a fabulous guide. It was a very fast paced trip and the trip down the Yangtze was the number one best loved feature. I have done quite a bit of traveling, but I think your trips are the absolute best as far as organization goes. I hope to travel with you again."
Martha Lynn - "The trip I took to China was the very best of all the trips I have taken abroad. Great hotels. Will go to South America as that is next on my bucket list."
Monika Huelsebusch, Germany - "A great trip with Craftours! The staff were very helpful to arrange my cruise to Norway. The cruise liner and the staff of Royal Caribbean were absolutely amazing! Well organized sewing classes with brand new sewing machines onboard and very interesting teachers. I had a really wonderful time and met so many lovely people with the same interests like I have.
Thanks a million to everyone who helped make this cruise the journey of my life time!!!
Leila and Jim Davis, Hot Spring, SD - "Learned a lot hope to do it again in the Future. Norway was great and beautiful"
Judy Prowse, Edmonton, Canada - "This was 4 firsts for me: cruise, quilting trip, Norway & travel companion (the latter was my only total accountability) -- all 4 were fantastic! I really enjoyed the cruise and off-ship excursions, but would have found it overwhelming without the additional purpose & opportunities provided by Craftours."
Sue Goodridge, Wiltshire, UK - "The 4 tutors Pam Holland Stuart Hillard, Judi Mendelssohn and Linzi Upton were very well prepared and the workshops seemed to go with a swing, time went fast and I admit to feeling washed out after them. They were all different but interesting. Plenty of extra sewing time, we were greatly helped with the PFAFF sewing machines by Jo and Stephen who kept machines in working order for us - we certainly kept them busy as a majority of the sewing sessions were well attended. Some of us worked one evening until nearly 11pm!! I think we were so engrossed we forgot the time. Having a good timetable helped - at least we hoped we could find the conference centre in time."
Gabriela Forca, Molina de Segura, Murcia - "I had the privilege of traveling with Craftours to Kenya, it was a trip of a lifetime, so well organised. The game drives were spectacular, the accommodation superb, and the meals delicious. I met some wonderful people, everyone was kind and open. I left Europe stress out and returned a new person, relaxed and on a high from seeing the big five."
Merrie Jo Schroeder, Port Angeles, Washington, - "I’ve been able to cross off Tuscany and Kenya from my travel bucket list thanks to Craftours. The trip to Tuscany was wonderful -- a terrific hotel, great day trips, outstanding service and the expertise of a guide who knows Italy inside and out! I hope to return one day. The trip to Kenya was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Again, the accommodations were 1st class, the game drives amazing and Steve, our local guide, was absolutely the best. The attention to detail and extensive travel experience make their tours one of a kind."
Carolyn and Dan Rhoads, Saratoga, CA - "My husband Dan and I took the trip to Africa in January of 2011. It really was a trip of a lifetime. Everything on the trip was fantastic. I never ever thought I’d do a trip like this, but we are sure glad we did. We saw every wild animal imaginable and close up. We stayed at beautiful places. I especially liked the tent cabin. We ate wonderful food and were really well taken care of. I’ll never forget the trip and hope to go on another one soon."
Judy Snook, Phoenixville, PA - "The African Safari trip with a whole bunch of friendly people was stupendous! Our accommodations were very nice, even the tented ones. Our meals that we all enjoyed together were delicious. But most of all the safari trips took us out to see animals up close and personal! When I saw the giraffe that we could feed, I thought "wow, he’s big! We are in for a big, wonderful time" - and we did!."
Pat Seager, Marion, LA - " I have taken only one trip (so far) but have recommended Craftours many times. My trip was to Kenya in 2011 and I saw comments on the website from fellow travelers. All were positive. I was most impressed by the quality of the accommodations, the excellent meals and the overall feeling that everything was handled professionally."
Barbara Stanbro, Hillsboro, OR- "I attended the International Quilt Festival of Ireland in 2012, and I had a fabulous time. The hotels were lovely, the destinations interesting, and our tour guide/bus driver couldn’t have been more charming or knowledgeable. It was a wonderful trip and I have many good memories."
Dr. Jo Barnes, Hamilton, New Zealand - "This was my very first organized tour and I was a little apprehensive about spending 15 days with people I did not know with a tour company I had found by accident on the internet. BUT my friend Bev and I had an amazing time we had fun, we saw lots of new and exciting places, we visited some quilting stores and met some really nice people. The hotel accommodation were excellent, the bus was comfortable, and the meals were varied and of good quality. I would recommend Craftours tours every time and I am looking forward to the South American Expedition in 2015."
Nancy and Ken Burkhalter, Chelsea, MI- "My hubby and I had an absolutely wonderful trip sponsored by Craftours to tour Ireland and the 1st International Quilt Festival in Galway in 2012. It was a small group, and we really loved that tour. We are still in touch with many of the others who were on our tour. Very well organized! Great places to see, great places to stay, great quilt festival - wonderful time. It was our 50th wedding anniversary trip - so we went on to Paris after to have our final celebration!"
Jill Lombard, Carlsbad, CA-" I was on the Ireland tour in Summer of 2013 with Bonnie Hunter. I can’t say enough about the wonderful experience I had. Examples include having Craftours arrange a roommate for me (a dear lady from Canada), arranging my air reservations, seating me next to "new" friends, being met at the airport by the most charming coach drivers, arranging truly "first class" accommodations in every town, offering wonderful sightseeing opportunities and historical information.
As with any major undertaking such as planning and executing a trip of this magnitude "hiccups" do happen. I was so impressed with the staff of Craftours. When problems arose there was always one and often more to the "rescue" to make things right.
I have recommended Craftours to all my quild friends and would love the opportunity to take more (and more) trips!"
Suzanne Novoselac, Coulterville, IL -"My daughter and I went on the trip to Ireland in 2008, and we had a completely wonderful time! My daughter does not sew or quilt, but she does do other forms of needlework, and she enjoyed herself very much. I’m a knitter and crocheter, and I enjoyed the trips to the woolen mill at Blarney and the weaving at Acoa (sp) near Dublin. Our tour host was excellent, we loved our bus driver, and both of us want to buy a place at the Dingle Peninsula! All in all, it was a never-to-be forgotten experience, and we are both just dying to go to Ireland again!"
Bonnie Bloom, Duncansville, PA - "I was on one of your trips to Ireland with my sister. I was amazed at the care that was taken to make our trip flawless. Everything was seen to and everyone was so friendly it was a memory I will treasure forever."
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Schroder, Sweet Home, OR - "My husband and I truly had a trip of a lifetime visiting Ireland. We also received souvenirs that to this day remind me of the fun we had and the nice people we met including a few notables! Since our trip, every Christmas I hang ornaments on our tree that were swapped with fellow travelers... wool boots from Russia, a star from France and an Angel from New Zealand to name a few. The venues, traveling (great bus driver!), food, accommodations, all of it couldn’t be better. After arriving home, my husband and I agreed that we could not have planned it better than Craftours."
Jan Bechle, Albany,Oregon-"In April of 2010, I traveled to Ireland with Craftours. I was with three friends, two of us were celebrating our retirement. The night we flew to Ireland was the same night the volcano blew in Iceland stopping all air traffic in Europe and across the Atlantic for a week. Craftours planned ahead, making arrangements for us to stay on in Dublin if we needed to at a very reasonable rate. The flying ban was lifted the day we were to leave and we were delighted to be able to leave on time.
The entire trip was very well organized. We had a delightful bus driver, interesting tours and the time to do some wandering on our own. The four of us had a wonderful time and made new friends. I wouldn’t hesitate to travel with them again."
Trena Stephens, Missouri City, TX-"What a great trip to the IQFOI in June of 2012! Our coach driver/tour guide was fun & entertaining. The accommodations were luxurious & comfortable. The food was fabulous.
The countryside was picturesque & breathtaking. The quilts were beautiful & inspirational. Thanks for a wonderful time."
Karen and Mike Holt, Grand Junction, CO- "My husband and I went on a Craftours Tour to Ireland for the International Quilt Festival in 2012 and LOVED it. We both had so much fun. The hotels we stayed in were marvelous, our bus driver and tour guide took such good care of us, Ireland is amazing, beautiful, and fun and the people are wonderful. There were plenty of events for my husband to sign up and do while I was at the quilt show so he was happy and having fun too. The quilt show was great fun and I took a wonderful class there from a native Irish woman, using all Irish wools. We had the time of our lives and would love to go again - SOON! Thank you Craftours!"
Mary Mulcahey, Lake Forest, GA- "The Ireland tour was absolutely wonderful. I would sign up again in a heartbeat."
Sarah Ruth Bridges, Moultrie, GA- "Absolutely fantastic! One of the best coach tours that I have been on. Our driver/tour guide was wonderful. I would go again."
Judi Walsh, Sault Sainte Marie, MI- "I absolutely loved Ireland and would consider taking another tour."
Mary Kent Davidson, Cochran, GA- "The trip to Ireland was even better than my expectations! We were matched with a wonderful driver/tour guide, Derrick, who added so much to what was already there. Wish it had not ended!"
Mary Lavold, Pensacola, FL- "I was very impressed that everything ran smoothly"
Suzanne Leimer, Moultrie, GA - "Wonderful experience. I wanted to stay another week and repeat everything. I would like to return. Craftours is top notch."

Bonnie Kipp, West Palm Beach, FL - "It was a fantastic trip. Very well done! Everyone was so friendly and everything seemed to be very well planned."

Caren Duggan, Susanville, CA - "Our trip to Ireland was WONDERFUL! Enjoyed the many beautiful sights. We had excellent accommodations. Our driver, Derek Ryan, was a wealth of history and local information. I hope to go to Ireland again, as soon as possible."
Louise Caron, Valleyview, Alberta- "Fantastic! A week is a bit short, 10-14 days would be ideal!"
Shannon Reed-Michon, Sunset House, Alberta- "Very magical tour. Great overview of what Ireland had to offer."
Kathy Dunn, Red Deer County, Alberta- "This is a wonderful overview of the Republic of Ireland. All of the highlights this country has to offer have been showcased in this lovely 10 day trip!"
Bonnie Trottier, Valleyview, Alberta- "My first time ever abroad was a wonderful experience. Someone asked what my favorite part of the trip was and I must say the people. It’s all about those connections with people. The Irish and their country are truly wonderful."
Helga Brown, Lake Havasu City, AZ- "This was a wonderful tour, scenic, informative and wonderful accommodations."
Marilyn Kennedy, Englewood, FL - "It was well planned and an exceptional trip."
LINDA EVANS, Farmington Hills, MI - "The trip to Ireland was wonderful! It was well planned and executed. I would encourage all my friends and family to take this trip."
Ami Peterson, Albuquerque, NM- "This was a wonderful way to whet your appetite about Ireland and traveling on bus tours in general."
Rebecca Gallen, Northway, AK- "I thoroughly enjoyed the planned out trip! Ireland was not my first choice of a country to visit, but I enjoyed the whole tour."
Joan Durbin - "Our trip to Ireland in 2012 was everything a dream trip should be. Excellent accommodations, great tour bus and driver, well planned. Itinerary and options for "side trips". I am anxious for another trip."
Marilyn Harding, Greenwood, IN- "The trip was perfectly planned. The escorts, Pam Holland and Brian Haggard were amusing and very congenial. Our driver, DB, was the icing on the cake. DB was funny and very knowledgeable. I spent a lot of the trip laughing. Isn’t fun the objective of a vacation?"
Nancy Lee Joyce, LaLuz, NM- "The tour was terrific! Especially our bus driver/tour guide BD."
Cindy Turner, Bedford, IN- "The tour was wonderful. Saw many amazing things. Pam and Brian were so much fun"
Karen Moorhead, Tarpon Springs, FL- "The tour was delightful. The accommodations, food, tour guide, selection of places to see, were all excellent!"
Nancy Joyce Dronek, Coarsegold, CA - "Fabulous trip with wonderful stops and activities!"
Donna Leichtenberg, Iroquois, SD- "Ireland was everything I expected and more!"
Janet Leigh North, Seminole, OK- "Since I will be attending the Lakeshore Quilting Retreat in Chicago when the deadline for reviews arrives, I would like to comment on my PRE-retreat experience. The ladies at Craftours have been absolutely WONDERFUL! They have thoroughly answered all my questions, responded to every email &/or phone call, and have been very pleasant and professional the whole way!! I am SO looking forward to flying to Chicago tomorrow and attending the Lakeshore Quilting Retreat!!"
Joan Gillespie, Ottawa, Canada- "The Chicago Lakeshore Quilting Retreat was a wonderful experience. The quality of the instructors was a highlight and even though I have been quilting for many years I learned a lot of new ideas and techniques from each of them."
Sara Gulbrandsen, Poukeepsie, New York - "I had a wonderful time at the Lake Shore Quilting Retreat. The choice of hotel was excellent. Wonderful service and great food. The trunk shows were the highlight of the weekend. The choice of teacher specialties was varied and, because of this, everyone’s interests were satisfied."
Lois Thibault, Garden, MI- "The Lake Shore Quilting Retreat was perfect. I loved Chicago. The artistic teachers were a real treat. I would do it again in a heartbeat!"
Cathy Hinrichs, Spearfish, SD - "What an inspirational trip I took to the International Quilt Festival in Tokyo with Luana Rubin. Seeing the work of the Japanese quilt arts was a particular thrill. The tours seeing how Obis are made, Indigo dying, riding the bullet train to Nara, the Kimono Museum were highlights of the journey. Even now I pull out the treasures I brought home and remember this trip. Would go again in a heartbeat!"
Kris Jensen, Boulder, Colorado- "From the Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival to the world renowned "Symphony of Light" kimono of Itchiku Kubota at the museum near iconic Mount Fuji and so much in between, Craftours provided professional service with a warm personal touch and attentiveness to detail from start to finish; and yet remained gracious, and open to opportunity and serendipity that happened along the way. Words can’t do justice to an experience that went beyond bucket list caliber.
Japan at last. Touring around Tokyo on the dragon bus. The world’s largest city, the ancient and traditional and the ultra modern and futuristic, all layered together: the temples, shrines and torii gates, gingko trees, a traditional Japanese wedding procession passing by at the Meiji shrine, the Blue and White store. In Japan, shopping, like many things, is elevated to an art form.
Departing for Kyoto through the countryside on a legendary bullet train. A great group to adventure with: well-traveled, worldly and devoted to textiles and quilting. My people, not to mention the professional photographer and his wife who were along and provided a world-class remembrance of the trip through the pictures taken and made available, in addition to my own.
Magical Kiyo-mizu temple and pagoda on the hillside above Kyoto. Happening upon a national archery competition at an 800 year old Buddhist temple. The Golden Pavilion.The Kasuga Taisha Shinto shrine in Nara, stood watch over by a 600 year old wisteria. The Japanese reverence for nature.
Returning to Tokyo by way of the Itchiku Kubota Art Museum to see the unforgettable "Symphony of Light" kimono; Kubota’s life’s work. There are no words.
Back in Tokyo to take in the largest show of its kind on the planet: The Tokyo International Great Quilt Festival. Two heavenly days viewing many hundreds of marvelous quilts and their makers, shopping for textiles and kimono and designing a quilt of my own dreams.
Thanks for the memories Craftours..."
Barbara Canfora, Cranston, RI- "I traveled with Craftours to the Christmas Markets in Germany this past December, 2013. We all had a wonderful time. The trip was well planned with many points of interest and historical sites. There was also enough leisure time to do what you wanted to do including sightseeing and shopping in the Christmas Markets. Our bus driver and travel guide were great. They were very knowledgeable and spent plenty of time with us. I will be traveling with them again. It would be a wonderful experience if you could join them on one of the trips. I’m sure you will enjoy your as much as I enjoyed mine."
Suzette Beck, Tijeras, NM- "The tour to Germany and Austria and the Christmas markets is an absolutely wonderful and beautiful trip. The tour gave us such a great view of Germany and Austria by going to beautiful castles, seeing Salzburg, the site of some of the Sound of Music filming, and of course plenty of shopping at the Christmas markets. Our accommodations in Germany were first rate in a small village which gave travelers a very homey feel and a personal touch. All of the tour guides were first rate and were experts in their geographic area. I've done nothing but rave about how great the tour since I returned from Germany."
Frieda Zuerner, Cypress, TX- "I traveled with Bonnie on the Christmas Market tour to Germany. I really enjoyed this trip. It surpassed my expectations by a long ways. I felt that the tour parts and the on your own time was nicely split. I think that we received great value for our money. It was great to have Bonnie along and loved her class on English paper piecing. I loved that the tour was flexible and allowed us to add a couple of side trips."
Patti Moffitt, Chula Vista, CA - "My trip to Germany, Austria and Bavaria with Craftours was everything I had hoped it would be and so much more! Each day was filled with lots of fun without feeling like you were running non-stop. I look forward to going on another trip with Craftours!"
Denise Corley, Rancho Santa Margarita, CA - "I went to Germany, Switzerland and Austria with Craftours a few years ago which was a dream of a lifetime. I can still remember how I felt looking at the Alps in Lucerne and thinking to myself how incredibly fortunate I was to be on this trip, with a wonderful group of women, a great tour leader and to be seeing one of the most beautiful sights I had ever seen. I was a bit concerned to be traveling alone, but with Craftours, I met some great friends and felt totally safe and well cared for. I will undoubtedly travel again with Craftours. Thanks for a wonderful experience."
Gayle Shapiro, Philadelphia, PA- "My recent Craftours trip to Germany & Austria was wonderful; definitely exceeded expectations. A great and accommodating guide who made sure all of our needs were satisfied.
But perhaps the biggest surprise was how much I enjoyed the interaction with all of the other travelers in our group. Getting to know so many people from different places and walks of life was one of the best aspects of the trip!
Sure would love to go to Tuscany..."
Avis LaFayette, Tampa, Fl- "I just took my third trip with Craftours in December 2013 to the Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria. As usual, the trip lived up to my high expectations that I have come to expect from Craftours. We were able to add on some unexpected additions which added to the fun and excitement of the trip. I am looking forward to my next trip to England with Craftours."
Suzette Beck, Tijeras, NM- "The Christmas Markets tour is a wonderful trip. Germany and Austria are absolutely beautiful in December. Almost every place we stopped at had a Christmas market with fun crafts, food and wine. There were beautiful castles, snowy mountains and friendly people. A great tour to see Germany and Austria."
Barbara Canfora, Cranston, RI- "This trip was wonderful. Germany is a beautiful place and the trip was well planned."
Becky Galambos, Florissant, MO - "I had a blast on this trip. I have never had a better group to travel with, the accommodations were comfortable, and the itinerary was well selected."
Avis LaFayette, Valrico, FL - "I enjoyed the chance to experience another culture and especially enjoyed the spontaneous experiences of going to another small Christmas market in Chiemsee and Innsbruck. As always, the accommodations were top notch especially the hotel in Ruhpolding."
Sandy , - "I took an Alaskan cruise, merging two of my favorite things: Alaska and Quilting. The projects were mostly geared to Alaska which made them special to me. We also were able to shop in some great quilt stores in addition to the "shop" aboard ship. Looking at the projects and fabrics I brought home with me brings back wonderful memories of my cruise."
Rosalind Barrett, Patchogue, NY - "I went to Alaska last year with Craftours and it was amazing! Not only did I get to enjoy the scenic vistas of that great state but I was able to fill the off hours sewing with Bonnie Hunter. Craftours made this a trip of a lifetime by including those two items from my bucket list"
Sharon McKinney, Ventura, CA - "The August 2013 Alaskan Cruise/Make a Quilt with Eleanor Burns was really a fun experience for me, a novice quilter. Our sewing room was equipped with all new sewing machines and although space was tight, we all managed to sew to our heart’s content on day 1. The Craftours staff went out of their way to provide extra time in the room which had not been planned previously and when resolved those few problems which were bound to occur with speed and always with a smile on their faces."
Amy Flenniken, Virginia - "I took an Alaska cruise through Craftours last summer. I had many questions as a first-timer to Alaska, cruising, and taking a quilting class. The SMP staff were most helpful. On board the ship, Beth from SMP scouted out all the quilt shops for us, Bonnie Hunter was an attentive and splendid instructor, and we had brand new Janome machines to sew with. It was a great vacation all around."
Kathy Wukela, Mansfield, Ohio - "I had the pleasure of taking a cruise to Alaska with Craftours in the fall of 2009 . I had a total hip replacement in June and although I moved a little slower than most of the travelers the accommodations were outstanding and our hostess so caring. I was able to take an excursion and sent a picture of myself standing on a glacier to my surgeon! Not only did I make many new friends I was able to go home with a new quilt top."
Jim and Lauren Teubner, Sublimity, OR-"We went on an Alaska cruise/tour in September 2006. Our 40th Anniversary occurred on Sept 10 as we arrived at the Princess Denali Resort and we saw the Mountain. Mt McKinley was visible in the afternoon as we arrived and we have photos taken from 3:30pm to 9:30pm. Wow what a treat. The whole cruise through the inner passage and the train tour through Denali was so beautiful in September."
Nancy Howard, Chesapeake, VA- "In 2010 we went on an Alaska tour with Charlotte Angotti. The trip was fantastic. We had a lot of fun. The quilting was fun. Craftours was a great host and everything was taken care of. Will take another trip with them any time."
Barb Schaad, Mansfield, OH- "I went on two cruises and enjoyed them very much. We took a January cruise to Caribbean and a September cruise up the east coast. We met many great quilters and had great food and marvelous sites ."
Helen Marie Marshall, Fort Washington, PA - "My husband and I traveled with Craftours to the Caribbean. The quilting teachers were Bonnie Hunter and Pat Sloan. Workshops were great, sewing machines provided were more than adequate. The company of other quilters is always enjoyable, the atmosphere aboard ship was relaxing and the land excursions were fun! Our dining companions and servers made every dinner a delightful experience."
Ann Sands, - "I was lucky enough to travel to The Caribbean on a quilting cruise. There isn’t anything better than being able to visit other countries and ports while being able to have my #1 hobby along for the sail. I’m not big on sunning on the deck, but sewing with a view of the ocean... Sign me up! SMP was a great asset and made every minute of my experience enjoyable. I’d travel with Craftours yearly if it were in my budget."
Sandy Charboneu , Melrose, IA- "I took the quilting cruise Feb. 2013. Had a wonderful time. Met many new friends and still get together with some. The quilting classes were very informative, fun and no stress involved. The teachers were a delight and very interesting. The ship was fun and the food was wonderful. Would love to do all again. My husband came, not as a quilter, and he had a good time also!"
Caroline Massey Ewing,- "I went with a wonderful older friend on a Craftours cruise to the Caribbean islands several years ago. We had a wonderful time and learned so much. I think of the trip every time that I quilt. I even bought a sewing machine and am learning how to use it. I am a hand quilter so I have much to learn about using the machine. The teachers were wonderful, patient, kind and very friendly. We met people from all over the world and have remained friends since we met.
I am looking forward to not being so busy and can take every tour offered. I give this company an A+ and 4 stars."
Linda McKenzie, Washington, DC - "I’ve traveled with Craftours twice - a November 2011 quilter’s cruise to the Caribbean with teachers Bonnie Hunter and Pat Sloan, and an Alaskan cruise with Bonnie Hunter in August 2013. The attention to detail (before and during) by the Craftours staff made both cruises wonderful experiences. I look forward to my next cruise in this November!"
Judy Endeman, El Cajon, San Diego County, CA-"My niece, Beth Glass, and good friend, Marilynn Hersey, took a Craftours Cruise on the Royal Caribbean ‘s Freedom of the Seas on Sept. 11-18, 20ll. The Conference Center on that ship is a great space for quilting and the Craftours staff efficiently planned to maximize sewing time and minimize distractions. Eleanor Burns, our Quilt “Master,” kept us all laughing as we each created a Sea Quilt. The ship’s menus were delicious in each of the dining venues we visited.
The island destinations offered us the excitement of zip-line adventures, fascinating historical sights, and beautiful beaches. Evening Broadway shows and parades down the ships Main Street kept us entertained, while not quilting or ashore. Thanks for such a special trip!"
Rosemary Lacovara, Valrico, Fl -"My first cruise was to the Caribbean with five of my quilting friends. The cruise and the teachers were excellent. Meeting and spending time with the teachers and new friends was ever more wonderful. We all had a wonderful time making memories that will last a lifetime. Looking forward to more cruises with Craftours.
Happy cruising"
Cheril Musial, Americus, GA-" My sister and I went on The Craftsy Quilt Cruise last March to the Caribbean put on by Craftsy and Craftours. What a fantastic adventure. We were able to meet so many marvelous people from all walks of life who shared our love of all that is sewing. The instructors were top notch to the extreme, the classes were very informative and we brought home so many neat projects. Great job to all!!!!!"
Judy Heffer, Clarksburg, Ontario- "I went on the first Craftsy quilting cruise last spring. It was my first cruise ever. I learned a lot, had lots of fun, and met other wonderful people with a passion for quilting too. The whole experience was absolutely first rate. I would highly recommend Craftours because they do a wonderful job of organizing their trips, if the cruise was any example."
Margo, - "I thoroughly enjoyed my first quilting cruise. I could not believe how fast a room full of strangers bonded and quickly became friends. I am dreaming of the day when I can go on another quilting cruise!"
Lisa Blevins, Alamogordo, NM- "My cruise was everything and more than I expected. The classes while at sea were well organized and I felt pampered by the individual attention of the staff. The entire experience was hassle free from beginning to end. Made me want to rebook immediately"
Jill Hubbard, Grand Rapids, MI - "I took the McCalls Quilt At Sea Cruise last January and it was FABULOUS! I signed up by myself never having traveled alone. I also took advantage of the "before cruise" tour of New Orleans and was very grateful to Beth Hayes as she was most gracious touring New Orleans and every day on the ship. I would recommend Craftours tours to anyone. After I get my two girls graduated from high school this year and next, I will definitely be on the move again. Tuscany, Ireland, Africa, I want to see them all!
Thanks for all the wonderful memories,"
Susie Meier, Park City, UT- "Loved the Craftsy cruise and all the fun times are such great memories during this very cold winter. Organization on the cruise and the classes were just highlights! Sew (so) many great friends that I would have loved to have had more time to get to know everyone like a social on the first night of the cruise or even the night before in New Orleans. It would have been so much fun to have everyone in the same hotel or at least have had assistance with hotel and flight arrangements so we could enjoy the friendships even more.Teachers were fabulous and classes so enjoyable.Ok the best part- all the Craftsy folks who were just so friendly and helpful and willing to do whatever to make the cruise just the best. Cannot wait for the next adventure with Craftours."
Colette Click, Arab, AL -"Last year’s McCall’s School at Sea was my first cruise, the instructors and classes were wonderful. All we had to do on this cruise was enjoy ourselves and we did that everyday. I enjoyed it so much I’m going to the Bahamas with them in Feb. 2014.
I can highly recommend Craftours, I know I’ll use them again."
Beverly Nagy, Casa Grande, AZ-"I have had a great experience with Craftours. Thank you."
Sandy Rosenthal, Erie, PA - "Almost 3 years ago, my friend Monica and I had the opportunity to take a quilting cruise through Craftours. The instructors were more or less last minute replacements. They could not have been more fun. I thoroughly enjoyed the classes and interaction with the instructors. We were on the Carnival Liberty-a gorgeous ship with great food and entertainment. This was not my first cruise and will not be my last. I would highly recommend a "learning cruise" to anyone considering it."
Linda Spence, Summerfield, FL - "About 14 members of my Beach Bums quilting club in Jacksonville, Florida, took a Caribbean cruise with Craftours. Thanks to Craftours staff, we all had a fabulous time, learned some new quilting techniques, and made new friends. I am now a personal friend of designer/instructor Joan Shay, and have been honored to become a machine quilter for her latest book. The Beach Bums are hoping to do another cruise soon and traveling to some faraway place to learn more about fabrics and quilting!"
Valjean Sanford- "After going on the first McCalls Cruise with Craftours there was no doubt I had to sign up for another. Craftours staff always made sure we had "the best of everything". I can’t wait until I am able to go another trip with Craftours..."
Sue Hite, Cary, NC - "This was my first ocean cruise. I enjoyed being on the ship in the middle of the ocean since the ocean is my favorite place to be. I enjoyed the ship, the size and grandeur, the staff all provided a wonderful experience. But most of all,I enjoyed the friendliness and helpfulness of the McCalls staff. It is the first time I have taken a class that I didn’t feel I had to play catchup in order to keep up with the class. Thanks for a wonderful experience!"
Carolyn Hamilton, Lampasas, TX - "Teachers were excellent. Classes informative. Being with like-minded people a pleasure."
Andrea Stark, West Carrollton, OH- "The staff of Craftours and McCall were wonderful, friendly, and knowledgeable. Made it great."
Bernice Sanders, Ashland, NH- "I loved the cruise. Craftours takes care of everything! I just show up and have a great time."
Leslie Carignan, Winnipeg, Manitoba - "It was lovely and my first but not my last cruise!"
Jan Cooley, La Mirada, CA - "The staff were all excellent. It was very enjoyable and we learned several new techniques."
Linda Crowden, Corrales, NM- "I was worried at first as I was traveling alone, but as soon as I got on the ship and met the group that thought was gone. No one was a stranger we were all there to have fun and learn new sewing techniques. Would love to book more travel through this group!"
Mary Mazman, Salem, MA- "The Cruise was great and McCall’s classes were very enjoyable"
Margaret Hawes, Gunnison, CO - "We really enjoyed the cruise. This was our second one and it’s always fun being with everyone both socially and in classes. We love reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. We like it so much that we signed up for next year’s cruise."
Terry Hein, Barrington, IL- "The time spent with all the lovely ladies from McCalls was great and meeting new friends was a fun time... all the small details were taken care of, no worries on where to go and having all your kits ready to use was a treat ... cant wait to join this group again and to see what excitement they bring us..."
Gail Sperlbaum, Allentown, PA- "An excellent program. Learning various techniques and incorporate them all in one quilt was a great way to create a memorable quilt. What can be better than a vacation and quilting all at one time."
Patricia Holt, New Hartford, NY- "As this was my first theme cruise, the thought and detailed planning that was put forth to create a memorable trip was appreciated. I would travel with Craftours, again."
Yvonne Heiberger, Dubuque, IA- "It was a great sewing trip, with good teachers"
Virginia Hatfield, Loudon, TN- "Wonderful use of at sea time. Great diverse teachers that made the classes more interesting. Would do it again. A great bonus is doing something for our lovely Lobby."
Sheila Frampton-Cooper, California- "This was my first trip with Craftours, and I could not be more impressed with the entire staff."
Kathleen Bell, Tewksbury, MA- "A wonderful way to meet and share with fellow quilters from all parts of the country."
Mary Werner, Lincoln, NE- "One of my best vacations ever!"
Marni Fisher, Oregon, WI- "I enjoyed the opportunity to learn and hear about some wonderful quilting and art stories."
Shelley Vance, Joliet, IL- "The Soul of a Quilter Cruise was my first trip combining my two favorite things, traveling and quilting! It was a wonderful experience to be able to learn, share and experience new things. The setup for classes and free sewing times was wonderful. Loved using the new Janome machines and the Bobbin boys were a treat. Our ports of call were breathtaking. Very inspiring."
Jan Potter, Scottsdale, CA- "Based on the experience I have had on two of Craftours adventures, I would recommend any of their trips to everyone - whether or not they are a quilter. My first trip was South America and it was amazing. The accommodations were wonderful and the Galapagos, Machu Picchu, and the Amazon filled every day with new and exciting experiences that will be remembered for a lifetime. Of course, traveling with a group of people with similar interests made the trip even more memorable. I had visited Africa many years ago but decided to take the Kenya tour with Craftours. A day with the Quilt Guild of Kenya and a hot air balloon ride (in a balloon that held 18 people) over the game parks ending with a champagne breakfast with the animals all around us are just a sample of the diversity of the activities of this adventure. Comparing photos of all the animals we saw each day with the other travelers in the evening was so much fun. And hearing Alex Anderson describe watching the baboon break into her room through the window was hilarious. Accommodations on this adventure were equally memorable.They ranged from the luxury of the Mt. Kenya Safari Club to a tent with a hot water bottle to warm your bed on a chilly night.It was an exhilarating experience I will never forget."
Rhonda Denney, Canon City, CO - "I have been a couple of Craftours tours. The first was a 15 day trip to South America (the Galapagos Islands, the Amazon River basin and Machu Picchu). The trip was a treat from beginning to end. I felt pampered the entire time. I thought that the entire staff did an outstanding job coordinating things.The theme of the trip encouraged quilters (and their significant others) to go so that we all had a common link. I felt that the size of the tour group was very good; small enough that we all got to know each other during the trip. In fact, I am still in contact with friends I made during that trip. That was a trip of a life-time!
And, because that trip went so well, I was inspired to go on another trip in 2011 with Craftours. The next time was a 12-day Safari expedition to East Africa. The trip was a mixture of wonderful safari treks in many beautiful safari parks throughout the region to ensure that we got the chance to see a plethora of local wildlife. There were side trips to villages, local fiber groups and artisans. The trip was very well planned. The places we stayed were top-notch providing many comforts to be appreciated. I did think that the group was too large and there were times when the group size caused problems with coordination and timing of agenda items. I guess I prefer a smaller group so I can get to know everyone; or at least have the opportunity to do so. This trip was fun too because there were a contingent of people who had been on the earlier South American trip so we had a small reunion!
Nice job on everything! I highly recommend Craftours if you want adventure without concerns about being taken care of. I always keep my eyes open for other potential trips!"
Marge Geary, Williston Park, NY -"LOVED the Route 66 trip, it was very well planned and when things did not go according to plan, the plans were changed easily. I also like that it included the history of the places."
Stella Bouldin, Lafaytte, OR- "My last trip with Craftours was in 2007 to Egypt. I enjoyed traveling with the small group and the great guides we had."
Deborah Calyo - "I enjoyed my Mexican cruise very much. My husband and I met many nice people. Sharing our quilting time was a lot of fun, enjoyable and we learned from great teachers."
Manuela Silbach, Underdale, South Australia- "Loved Mexico - the colours, the food, the places and the fun time with the group"
Suzanne Doonan,Malvern, Pennsylvania- "What a wonderful trip. Pam Holland was an extraordinary guide for our first trip to Mexico. Craftours created a community of travelers, hosted so many entertaining and enlightening experiences for us in this beautiful country."
Katherine Madewell, Bixby, OK- "I wanted to take the time to tell you how much I enjoyed the trip to England. We did really luck out on the weather and I was thrilled to see the wonderful things I experienced. My main regret is that it could not have been twice as long, but then no matter how long you are at a great vacation spot, it is never long enough to see everything you want to see. The best thing is that I no longer feel intimidated at the thought of traveling in most other countries, and that is because of having the chance to explore on my own and being able to travel the subway to get back to the hotel.
The accommodations you provided were first rate and were in great locations. The rooms were beautiful and the areas felt safe. I also believe my husband would have a great time on one of your trips. We will definitely be checking it out. Mostly I understand you and your staff spent a lot of time planning and executing such great plans for a wonderful vacation for us all and I wanted to tell you I really appreciate it. I am looking forward to another trip in the future."
Avis LaFayette, Valrico, FL - "A trip to England has been one of my bucket list wishes and this trip lived up to my high expectations. As always, Craftours had a wonderful schedule planned and the best places to stay. Really enjoyed the time in Bath, England."
Dianna Otte, Tarpon Springs, FL - "This was my first tour and I am very happy that I picked Craftours. I loved England and I met so really wonderful quilters. I could really just go again tomorrow and enjoy it again."
Peggy Chudzy, Calgary, Alberta - "I loved the pace of this tour. You had time to explore on your own from a wonderfully chosen and located hotel and plenty of time for organized activities. Our tour guides and drivers were exceptionally accommodating and full of great information. We thoroughly enjoyed our time in England and are contemplating our next trip. What a sense of fun!"
Anne Davidson, Churchton, MD - "Great tour - enjoyed it very much"
Kathi Madewell, Bixby, OK - "This tour of England is wonderful. The hotels are first rate, beautiful, and centrally located to walk to most sightseeing locations. Each day we started with a great breakfast followed by either a planned day of activities or some free time to experience the areas on our own."
Patty Quattlebaum, Charleston, SC - "This trip was a dream come true. It was beyond all expectations."
Eleanor Balaban, Glen Echo, MD - "Well organized and specific to our needs,desires and talents. Very flexible and accommodating."
Donna Mccartney-Smith, Salem, OR- "Traveling with Craftours is inspiration wrapped up in a vacation."
Deb Smith, Wheaton, IL - "Traveling with Craftours is inspiration wrapped up in a vacation."
Laurie Mitchell, Terrace, BC - "Had a great trip, will definitely consider future travel with you."
Betty Gilmore, - "I took 2 trips with Craftours. I was impressed with how professional everything was ran. Both trips went so well that I wouldn’t hesitate to book again. I would recommend them to all of my friends. They are the best! "
Joyce Valley, Pelican Rapids, MN - "My friend Jolene and I have taken a couple of trips with Craftours...and it was always fun. They know the best places to go, the classiest places to stay, and the best quilters to rub elbows with! We hope to do another trip again, and Tuscany would be THE place to choose!"
Rosemary Taylor, Madison, MS- "My time traveling with Craftours can only be described as FUN. They are organized and they go out of their way to see that everyone is taken care of with whatever need they have. Great group of good people and would go anywhere with them."
Ute Jarasitis, Tacoma, WA - "Traveling with Craftours is always a sure thing. You can be sure to get the best of everything, you can be sure you’ll have fun and you can be sure you want to travel with him over and over again."
Patricia Liles, Crestline, CA- " Love the staff at Craftours. Always helpful."
June Campbell, Clermont, GA-" I have experienced 3 trips with Craftours. Just beyond exceptional in both imagination, artistic inspiration and practical insight!"
Ute Jarasitis, Tacoma, WA- "Traveling with Craftours is always a sure thing. You can be sure to get the best of everything, you can be sure you’ll have fun and you can be sure you want to travel with him over and over again."
Kaye Koler, Amherst, OH- "I would love to visit Ireland or Tuscany! The pictures here are always wonderful! Thank you for posting them for us to enjoy!"
Patricia Liles, Crestline, CA- " Love the staff at Craftours. Always helpful."
Anne, Colorado- "What could have been more wonderful than a trip organized by someone else visiting all the wonderful places you have only dreamed off. Not only was everything ’spot on’ it combined my love of quilting to perfection. Could not have asked for more and they had it all planned out to a "T". Sew I can’t wait for the next time I have a dream to visit a new exciting place."
Debbie Sherman - "Great trip! Very organized and enjoyable."
M Ristau- "I have taken two trips with Craftours. The trips were dreams come true."
Cinzia White - "Everything was superbly organized.
The venues were quite varied and always interesting. In most cases there was more than adequate time to enjoy the venue/ planned activity.
The knowledge of the tour guide was quite extensive
Susan Dickau- "I had a wonderful time when I traveled with Craftours. The trip was so well planned that everything went smoothly. I had so much fun, the trip is one of my favorite memories!"
Phyllis Brooks - "My "ideal travel bucket list" for quilting, art textiles, and cultural diversity includes Italy, Ireland, India, Istanbul and Bali. Perhaps your list may include some of these places also, then Craftours is the travel tour company for your next art adventure!
Craftours takes the worry out of the planning, travel arrangements, and making the necessary reservations, etc., so you can enjoy yourself. Whether you are a quilter or not, the tour includes things to do for everyone. As you take in the flavor of a local market, absorb the vibes of culture, build your ’fabric stash’, or simply soak up the color palette for your next creative design and stitch project you will have a fantastic time!"
Joan Howes - "It’s always a real pleasure to travel with other quilters - the nicest people in the world!"
Nancy Neal- "My travel experience with Craftours has given me a feeling of security. I know arrangements have been carefully selected and will provide the best available."
Gayle Shapiro, Brookhaven, PA- "The trip exceeded my expectations. Very positive experience, well organized and fun. Especially enjoyed getting to know the others on the tour."
Janet Leigh North, Seminole, OK- "I thoroughly enjoyed the retreat. The setting, The Omni Hotel, was magnificent. The classrooms were spacious and well equipped. The instructors were fun and personable. The Craftours staff went above & beyond to make sure everyone had what they needed and were comfortable."
Mary Jo Hirsch, Jackson, WI- "Very organized, very involved, instructors exceeded expectations. Looking forward to future events."
Marlys Abbondondolo, Huron, SD- "Three comments: Fantastic facility, excellent educators, great greetings. Thanks very much."
Colleen Smith, Huron, SD- "Loved the small groups -- received lots of individual help from the teachers."
Linda J. Cole, Fond du lac, WI- "It was wonderful. I liked the 4 different kinds of classes we had. I now have an appreciation of modern quilting where before I would walk right passed it. I like how in some classes we got time to finish our project, I have 2 left to finish now."
Susan McCoy, Elmhurst, IL - "A great experience! Great hotel, excellent organization, fun classes and teachers, lots of happy quilters in one place!"
Cindy Van Cleave, Peru, IL - "It was great! Our "celebrity quilters" were wonderful teachers. I loved that we learned 4 different techniques. And they were so friendly and personable - lots of laughs and fun times!"
Judith Beahan, Poukeepsie, NY - "We had a wonderful time! The Hotel and staff were wonderful. The food was great. We enjoyed the trunk shows so much, the teachers were great. Very inspiring."
Janet Bonarski, Gaylord, MI- "I had more fun on this weekend than I’ve had at any other quilting class, retreat, or show."
Gail Myers, Elmhurst, IL - "An amazing venue with 4 of the best quilting instructors made for a great weekend. The hospitality was so welcoming and we were kept entertained every minute we wanted to be. My second Craftours tour and I look forward to the next."
Joanne Brunk, Largo, FL - "I learned new skills (had never done appliqué) and I gained self confidence in trying things outside my comfort zone! What a great experience meeting with so many quilters! Such fun and in so many places on the cruise."
Pam Herrington, San Juan Capistrano, CA- "I want to thank you for all the work you put into your tours. I was very apprehensive to go on this tour...in fact until I actually reached the boarding gate in Houston I was wondering what in the heavens I was doing going somewhere out of the States with a bunch of people I did not know. However, as soon as I met everyone and we were boarding the plane, I knew it was not only going to be alright, but that it was going to be a marvelous adventure. I was right. I felt so comfortable that you will find me going to Peru with you in January.""
Pam Herrington, San Juan Capistrano, CA- "Having never been on an organized tour, especially by myself, I was quite apprehensive until I met the group at the airport in Houston. At that moment, I knew that everything was going to be wonderful and it was. The tour was so well put together that we were never in any doubt that everything was going to be wonderful."
Lisa Kennon, Margate, Florida- "The trip from start to finish was perfect! The accommodations were beautiful, the food was wonderful, and the activities were well planned and really fun!"
Kim Shuttler, Warwickshire, UK - "Very enjoyable course and I learned a lot even though I was an amateur."
Sandra Newton, Norfolk, UK - "First ever cruise, so unable to compare. I enjoyed it and learnt a lot. I’m fairly new to quilting but would like to learn more."
Ann Caris, Muskegon, MI - "A trip of a lifetime"
Kathy Palmiter, Williams, IN- "This was my first overseas travel experience... I couldn’t be happier with the whole experience...I’d book another trip with you again without question"
Terry Maleski, Muskegon, MI- "Trip of a lifetime! Well planned and carried out!"
Linwood Bradley, Indianapolis, IN- "This was an excellent trip with much ground covered and lots of interesting places enjoyed."
Sheri Pikus, Rice, MN- "We had a wonderful time and the weather cooperated!"
Karen Van Meter, Sumner, WA- "It was wonderful and Derek (our bus driver) made it the best."
Paula Jarosz, Barbeau, MI- "The trip was wonderful ..loved our Driver Derik!"
Carol Steele, Sunderland, MA- "Best group tour I’ve ever been a part of"
Catherine Klein, Los Luna, NM- "The tour was everything I expected. Would do it again"
Margarett Terpening, Albuquerque, NM- "The trip was wonderful and very organized from the beginning to the end. The book that is given before the tour is great, I use it every time I show someone the pictures it helps to remind me where we were when. Having pictures of the hotels is very good also. I am one who likes organization so this was the way I like things to go."
Paula Stipek Long, Montgomery, MA - "Enjoyed the tour immensely."
Janet Nagle, Danvers, MA - "the trip was great I had a wonderful time it was everything I hoped it would be and more and the staff made the trip so much fun"
Jan Wasson, Paris, KY - "Exceptional! The countryside was breathtakingly beautiful. I do wish there had been a day of r&r. I found out just how old I really am. Thank you for a wonderful time."
Wanda Putman, North Richland Hills, TX - "I was very pleased with an extremely well planned tour."
Marin Pancake, Reno, NV - "What a fabulous trip! Excellent accommodations, native meals, clean transportation and a guide who obviously loves what he does. There was the flavor of the culture mixed well with the industry of textiles. Thanks for giving me a memorable trip to share with my mom. We will see you on another trip. Oh, where to go next? That is the question."
Raynor Thomas, Cobram, Victoria - "Really enjoyed it"
Jackie Cissel, Hanover, PA - "I enjoyed the tour, the people that I met, all the places were able to visit"
Don Chudzy, Calgary, Alberta - "Excellent tour. As a male non-quilter I still found the content very interesting. Many of the daily events did not require necessary knowledge of fabrics or techniques but were historically relevant."
Linda Groth Olsen, Cokato, MN- "I was on the Craftours Tour to India in 2010 with Jinny Beyer. I had a fabulous time. Every detail very organized and researched out, from the first class accommodations, the wonderful sites we visited, the great food, our very good tour guides. I would highly recommend traveling with Craftours and I hope to be able to do so again someday..."
Elaine McKenzie, Ridgeway, ON - "It was an experience! Neither words nor pictures tell the story. It had to be experienced."
Adrianne Perry, Waitara, NSW - "I found the content of the tour was excellent. The places we visited, the monuments we saw and the hotels we stayed at were all wonderful."
Kerry Glen, Northland, NZ - "India was everything and more than that I had dreamed of. Exotic colours and flavours for all of the senses. The tour was a wonderful experience with quality visits on every day that were relevant to the group. Govind certainly took us to all the places where we could experience the rich Textile side of Rajasthan. It was fun getting to know other like-minded souls from different countries."
Kathy Goodin, Laurel, MD - "This was a fantastic tour with Govind who had obviously researched and planned wonderful excursions and events relating the culture to our interests."
Christine Donelley, Chapel Hill, NC - "An experience of Indian history, its peoples, its crafts, and countryside"
Susan West, Giralang, ACT - "I had a wonderful trip, really enjoyed India. The group was made up of Australian, New Zealand and Americans, we all got on very well."
Paula Golden, Blacksburg, VA - "This was a trip of a lifetime! From first class accommodations, care for personal concerns, interesting tutorials, fabulous sites... I can't say enough good things about this tour."
Patti Donnelly, Chapel Hill, NC - "I wasn't sure what to expect on this trip. All I knew is that my mom and I wanted to come back to India again for a very special trip. I can't say enough about what we got from this trip from the quality and care for the affordable cost to the expertise and variety of experiences while we were there. Each day was different and planned in such a way that we had busy days buffered by days with travel to the next destination. Even our meals were carefully planned. Not only were we well fed, we had the experience of tasting meals related to the different castes in India. Some points of interest on the trip were to be expected like the Taj Mahal, but some were quite unexpected like dinner at Amber Palace! Most importantly, our guide, Govind, infused every moment with the colorful history that makes India so beautiful, colorful, and treasured. The hands on experiences with tie dye, pottery painting, or wood block printing, gave us a deeper appreciation for the craft. For me as a teacher, it also gave me an opportunity to bring the experience back for my students to try. I felt like our needs were carefully attended to as individuals and as a group. I have no question that I would take another trip with Jinny Beyer, or any of our new found friends from this adventure!"
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, MA - "This was my second trip with Craftours. I had a wonderful time and everything went very, very smoothly. I will be signing up soon to take another trip with him."
Jackie Nelson, Greensboro, NC - "This was my 4th trip with Craftours. I get to go to the places on my Bucket List with people with my same interests while feeling safe and secure every second. Each trip has been amazing! Trying to decide which one I'll go on next year!"
Kate Golden, Stillwater, OK - "It was a wonderful trip! We got to experience various aspects of Indian culture and witness the colors and vibrancy of the country."
Mary Ann Hardee, Fayetteville, NC - "This trip was more than I ever dreamed it would be. No time was wasted, though we had down time if we wanted it. Each day was packed with opportunities I could never have arranged on my own. The group was delightful. Jinny Beyer (celebrity quilter) and Govind Agarwald each contributed so much to our experiences. For me, this was a homecoming. I not only visited places I knew and loved as a child, but I was introduced to places, skills and spiritual experiences that were new to me. I have been forever blessed. I'd go again in a heartbeat!"
Les and Karen Mersiades, Brisbane, AU - "The tour to India was the best group tour we have ever experienced. The leaders, Jinny and Govind were excellent and went out of their way to ensure our journey was a memorable one. We experienced more activities than were promised and certainly spent adequate time visiting the highlights of the tour. All the accommodations were excellent, the meals delicious and the tour bus comfortable. What more could you want? We will certainly be traveling with this company again."
Leonie Hillier, Blacktown, NSW - "I loved every minute of it! Even when i was totally exhausted and overwhelmed I would not have missed anything. I would love to see some other areas of India!"
Donna Stevens, Bloomington, IN - "This trip was EXTREMELY well organized, and exceeded my expectations in every single way! The instructors were not only fabulous, but also generous with the talents and time, often spending personal time with us at dinners or gatherings. I not only reaped the benefits of their wonderful instruction, but I feel like we had the chance to really get to know them as people as well as artists. There were just enough activities to enjoy meeting and sewing with new friends, and enough time to still enjoy the ship and excursions. Craftours answered our every and many questions prior to the trip, and I left this vacation feeling inspired, relaxed and ready to book another trip. I will definitely finish the lovely projects I started on the cruise, and the techniques learned will become part of my quilting repertoire. It was a memorable trip, but I won't say it's was a once in a lifetime event, as I will definitely plan to book another trip with Craftours! Thanks for a wonderful trip and all your efforts, large and small, to make this trip so special!"
Sandra Geho, Marietta, GA - "This was my first quilting cruise. It won't be my last. I had a wonderful time, met wonderful people, and came back so inspired."
Harriet Omstead, Battle Ground, WA - "Great teachers and a great cruise line. A trip that every quilter should do at least once."
Connie Rafferty, Roberts, ID - "This was my first cruise, and I was truly impressed with the organization of the cruise package, including the option to attend the Houston Quilt Expo, the expert assistance in preparing for the cruise, and the experience of the cruise itself. Craftours provided immediate and concise communication of all updates regarding this travel, and promptly, accurately, and professionally responded to all questions. During the cruise our classes, make-and-take sessions, lectures, and open sewing time were well organized and allowed participants the flexibility to attend other cruise activities and excursions as desired. Our fabulous instructors were very personable and made class time enjoyable as well as informative for everyone. The opportunity to use brand-new Janome Horizon sewing machines was enhanced by the assistance of certified Janome representatives. Regularly throughout the cruise we received hand delivered cordial notes, treats, and quilt-related surprises that were literally the icing on the cup-cakes. This cruise was part of a much needed vacation, and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. It is one of my very best vacation memories!"
Crystal Smith, Tuckahoe, NJ - "Both the Craftours staff members and staff of Royal Caribbean were friendly and helpful."
Isabel Bender, Ottawa, ON - "Great group of people - all the instructors and staff from Craftours. Lots to do and lots to learn. Lots of fun."
JoAnne Freeman, Goodyear, AZ - "The cruise was a delightful surprise on many levels. The teachers were wonderful, the projects were great fun, the ladies in the quilting group were friendly and so much fun. The best surprise of all was the Navigator of the Seas. The ship was incredible the service and staff the best I have ever encountered on any vacation. Will definitely travel again, maybe next year, in fact."
Renea Bailey, Fort Washington, MD - "This is my third cruise with Craftours. It was fun, fun, fun. I really enjoyed every aspect of this trip. From the talented teachers, the Bobbin Boys and Girl, the lectures, games, and gifts."
Kathleen Bell, Tewksbury, MA - "As a doctor friend of mine said "there will be places to go and people to see". This was one of those times; we went to fabulous places in the Caribbean and the people we traveled with were all like-minded quilters! This is my second time, both times on my own. Highly recommend this quilting experience. You can request a roommate, which has worked out great both times. The classes are different and all keep your attention as well as letting you come away with new methods, great tips and do-able projects. Craftours really has this type of cruise down pat! They do a superb job."
Nora Hamidi, Rockford, IL - "This was a fun cruise and I enjoyed being with a group of ladies from the world over who enjoyed the same things. Our dinner table was a riot every night and we all had a great time. The teachers were interesting and I got a few tips that I had not thought of, thank you! Hope to do the cruise again sometime."
Gail Stobart, Novi, MI - "I had a wonderful time. The accommodations where first class. I enjoyed taking classes from all the instructors. I am already planning on my next cruise in October 2015."
Laurell Griffith, Elkart, TX - "This was my first cruise and I have to say it exceeded my expectations!"
Sandy Weister, Williamsport, IN - "This was my first cruise and enjoyed it very much. Everything was so organized, classes were excellent and service on the ship was beyond anything I expected."
Sandra Rocco, Kent, UK - "I really enjoyed my first cruise and my first cruise with you. So many things to do, so little time. Great educators, brand new Janome machines to use, along with Aurifil thread and Hoffman fabrics. Big thanks to all!!"
Diana Van Hise, Roanoke, VA - "The cruise was well organized and the instructors were helpful and resourceful."
Ollie Griffin Hastings on Hudson, NY - "The trip to Africa was amazing! Each venue had something different to offer. I was astounded at the number of animals we were able to see. Our room accommodations were excellent, and I thought the tent sites were unique. The food was delicious. The staff throughout the trip were friendly and courteous. The Masai Mara was mind boggling! As you can tell, I loved everything!"
David Rattigan Lesmurdie, AU - "The Africa Expedition was eagerly anticipated, so much so that I had probably created an impossibly high expectation. To visit Kenya had always been a wish of mine since first meeting Karen in 1979."
Ruth Stowe, Gillette, WY - "The African Expedition was a once in a lifetime trip. The accommodations were great! Just what one would expect on a safari in Africa. In fact the tents were nicer than any I had ever slept in before. The buffet meals offered a lot of choices in foods - some Kenyan some not."
Heidi Moles, Davenport, FL - "It was a great trip, We didn't have any problems and all the people we met were so friendly."
Michaele Cooke, Groton, CT - "I almost don't know where to begin. It was a life changing experience for me. I have always wanted to go to Africa and the experience of this trip was far beyond my wildest expectations. The safari rides were incredible. We saw every animal I have always dreamed of and closer than I could have imagined. Our driver, Gilbert, had in depth knowledge of the animals and the terrain, as well as the history of Africa - its land, its people and its animals. I learned so much. Our twice a day safari events, our side trips to various local craft centers and wildlife preserves were really interesting and something I will always remember - especially our visit to a Masai village. Our stays at each of the tented camps and hotels could not have been more luxurious or comfortable. The food was really fabulous and all their employees made us feel at home. I honestly don't know how the trip could have been better. Even our transportation to Africa was so well organized that all my anxiety vanished. I would recommend this trip to anyone. It opened my eyes to another world outside of my own little comfort zone and for that I will always be grateful."
Sharon Gordon, Bloomington, IL - "The African Expedition was such a wonderful trip. The tour was well done. I loved the smaller size of the group - we all got to know each other while traveling and eating together. The lodging was excellent, the food was great, the local people were interesting and very kind to us. I've traveled with other groups, but this was by far the very best trip I've ever been on."
Elaine Y. Olvie, Chicopee, MA - "All the things we saw and places we went to were magical! Going at this time of year, their spring, we were able to see all the baby animals with their moms."
Lola Nordstrom, Battleground, WA - "The African Expedition trip was beyond anything I could have imagined. I was on a total high from start to finish. We went on numerous safari drives and saw amazing animals. It was fun to meet new people with the same interests. Couldn't of been any better than it was."
Janis Giles, Tewksbury, MA - "This was the trip of a lifetime, and I wish everyone could go. Everything was organized and first-class. I made some great new friends and had experiences I will treasure for a lifetime. Having the opportunity to go to Kenya was an incredible blessing."
Marny and Tony Howe, Kalamunda, AU - "We had a wonderful time would do it all over again."
Linda Parker, Longview, WA - "The trip to Africa was fabulous. In addition to seeing so many heavenly creatures, we were moved by the hard working factory workers. It was very special to have the bead artists, break into song and dance for us. I never dreamed I would come away with very special friends. We are already working on another visit."
Mary-Louise (Mel) Peters, Northfork, CA - "Great trip. Relaxed at the beginning to let us unwind. More vigorous the second half when we were ready. The jungle hikes were great!"
Sarah Kirtland, Williamsburg, VA - "The trip was exactly what I hoped it would be - and more. The group was relatively small, the quilting exercises perfect for my skill level (or any skill level). The weather was perfect. The food was the best I've had in a long time - consistently good. The people were interesting - and it was great to have the common interest of quilting."
Vickie Adams, Durham, CA - "Loved the coffee tour. Beautiful place and learned a lot about coffee. Wish we had experienced a rainforest, can't do it all in one week. Loved meeting Jenny and Susan."
Donna Ann Molinelli, Driggs, ID - "Great trip, all told. Jinny is THE colormaster."
Beverly Brown, Bloomington, IN - "I had a wonderful time on this my second trip to Costa Rica. It is a beautiful place to visit and very warm friendly people."
Chris and Lloyd Leeman, Farmington, ME - "Learned a lot will enjoying the cruise."
Jean Briggs, Rochester, MN - "This cruise felt more relaxed, less hurried. I looked forward to it from the beginning of last year. It was nice to leave the cold behind and find the sun!"
Kathleen Bell, Tewksbury, MA - "This was my third quilting cruise. Each one has been a great learning experience and a wonderful people experience! The teachers are well versed in their craft and have a new lesson for each cruise. I have traveled alone each time and each time was paired with a super person! Highly recommend this quilting experience."
Linda Sech, Mt. Vernon, TX - "The Quilting Cruise exceeded my expectations -- Quality of Teachers; Quality of Equipment; Warmth of Leaders and the fellow attendees. It was very well organized and lots of fun."
Cindy Herb, Malden on Hudson, NY - "Great chance to share our vacation and passion (for quilting and fabric) with other wonderful ladies who shared our love and obsession for this wonderful hobby."
Kathryn Courser, Lansing, MI - "Quite possibly the best time ever had on the high seas!"
Susan Ianni, West Rutland, VT - "I had wanted to go on a trip like this for a very long time. I enjoyed learning how Kate England does Flying Geese. I do not think I will ever do them the old way again. By learning how she did them I just think that more of my quilts will have more Flying Geese in them. Dana Lynch proved to me that there are some projects you can do in just three hours. I was able with her simple instructions to make her bag in that short of time. If given the chance to go on another trip as I was just on I would go in a heartbeat."
Kathy Jones, Mount Shasta, CA - "As a beginner in the quilting field, I was inspired by the awesome quality of the classes and teachers. My word for the experience is inspiring. Having fabulous sewing machines to work on made the generous projects possible. Truly inspiring."
Amy Armenta, Aurora, CO - "I had a most awesome time. The ship and water were beautiful. There was time to be creative, time to put my toes in the sand and time to relax with a glass of wine."
Susan Griffith, Rotonda West, FL - "When I signed up for the quilting cruise, I really didn't know what to expect. None of my quilting friends had been on one, and were anxious to hear about my experience. Well, the short version is that I highly recommend them or any quilter, to sign up for one. I enjoyed the whole experience - the classes, the teachers were all great, meeting new quilting friends, and how well it was organized. Also, there was plenty of free time to enjoy the cruise on & off the ship. I will definitely go on another one in the future."
Theresa Nelson, Glendale, AZ - "My first time cruising and it was a success! The quilting teachers were so helpful and the other quilters so nice!"
Carol Boynton, Chesterville, ME - "The quilting cruise through the Caribbean was nothing short of wonderful. The ship, the staff, the food and entertainment was first class; however, the quilting teachers and students were even nicer! I had a wonderful time meeting new people who share my love of fabric and quilting. I learned some new techniques and got to try out a new Janome sewing machine. We all graduated with honors. Do you have graduate school at sea??"
Anne Baker, Strong, ME - "I thoroughly enjoyed going on my very first cruise!!!! I had a great time meeting people and taking part in the classes offered. It was a delight to meet the teachers and work on their special projects. I also enjoyed meeting other quilters from all over the country and Canada"
Evelyn Zachor, Bothell, WA - "This is my 3rd event experience with Craftours/Craftours. Again, another enjoyable opportunity to learn from passionate instructors and participants alike. To be able to mix my love of travel with my quilting passion brings together the best of both worlds. Your expertise and attention to detail in planning this event flawlessly is appreciated. It adds so much enjoyment when all goes well."
Marge Dromgoole, Westfort, MA - "This cruise to the Caribbean was the best I've been on. I really enjoyed the instructors. They shared some of their exquisite quilts, one as good as the last. I was really very impressed. The ship's staff was very good in their different positions."
Anita McClure, Tellico Plains, TN - "Was terrific... wonderful teachers and classes. A very well organized trip!!!"
Nancy Somers, Algonquin, IL - "All of the classes and events offered through Craftours and Dana, Carol, Sue, Kaye and Catherine were fun and exciting. All the teachers were so knowledgeable, caring, helpful, clear and brought learning to us with style and humor. Also, Scott and Veronica with the Janome machines were great."
Dolores Johnson, Largo, FL - "I had a great time. This was my first quilting tour and I hope not my last. My daughter and I were the "new kids on the block" and everyone made us feel welcome and helped us if we needed it. Loved the teachers and that we were able to choose what we wanted to do. I couldn't have asked for a nicer group and had a wonderful week."
Sarah Curtis, Farmington, ME - "All together there were 6 of us from our guild chapter. We all had a grand time. The classes were great, the teachers were wonderful and were attentive. The ship was glorious, even the weather was superb."
Lynne Carpenter, Klamath Falls, OR - "Last year was FUN! This year was 10x as much fun!!! I LOVED being able to sew on Sunday evening & then having soooo much more sewing time throughout the cruise! Also, was THRILLED to have fabric available for purchase on the ship! Also, the graduation ceremony (complete with Pomp & Circumstance) was truly memorable. (Also, I got to place in the block contest! I was so thrilled!!!)"
Carolyn Allen, Ft. Meyers, FL - "This was my first Cruise and I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I was very impressed with the teachers and their classes. I learned a lot! Everything was very well orchestrated and kudos to you Craftours for your organization of everything. Loved the graduation party. Thanks to everyone."
Marilyn Kennedy, Engelwood, FL - "Very nicely planned and done"
Suzette Beck, Tijeras, NM - "The quilting cruise was a lot of fun. The instructors were some of the best in the industry. The ports of call offered some great excursions."
Besime Brierton, Burke, VA - "The tour was fantastic. Everything was organized. Kathy and Amy worked well together."
Karen Naylor, Gainesville, VA - "Lovely accommodations, interesting daily tours, wonderful food, all carefully planned for maximum enjoyment with the pleasure of sharing this Tuscan experience with Bonnie Hunter."
Laura Pringle, Chandler, AZ - "Thank you so much for all your work. My mom and I will remember our trip of a lifetime!!!"
Susan Britt, Mississauga, ON - "Absolutely wonderful trip ... well organized and knowledgeable tour guides. Amy and Kathy did a good job keeping us all together and mixed well with the group. The places we saw were beautiful. Would have liked a little more time at a few spots but I now have places I will return to. Bonnie shared her quilting skills with us and we had a fun workshop. Her blog is amazing and certainly captured this trip. I had so much fun and met some wonderful ladies. Many thanks to you all."
Tess Griffin, Raleigh, NC - "This tour was not what I expected, it was so much more! We covered a lot of ground with much information about the places we visited. Friends have asked me what was my favorite place and I still can't decide!!"
Carolyn Stigler, Bryan, TX - "Great trip. Great weather. Great people. The tours around Tuscany were diverse. The bus was comfortable and our driver was safe. He also looked out for our bathroom needs. The cemetery stop was emotional and beautiful. I don't know what I liked best because it was all above expectations"
Rosemary Hoffman, Thousand Oaks, CA - "A good overview of the Tuscany area. Enjoyed the numerous small towns that we visited."
Pat Kilmain, Palmer, AK - "This was one of the best tours I've been on. The itinerary was great, I saw the Tuscany I was expecting."
Jill Lombard, Carlsbad, CA - "It was an amazing, magical week in Tuscany. I loved staying in one hotel the entire time and doing local day trips. Craftours has put together a fabulous itinerary that immerses you in the beauty that is Tuscany!"
Frieda Zuerner, Houston, TX - "Another fabulous trip with Bonnie. Tuscany was so beautiful and Craftours always manages the perfect split between group activities and having time on your own to explore."
Kathy Bonnell, Sterling, IL - "Great trip!! Well worth the money. I never would have seen or done as much left to my own devices!"
Theresa Arnold, Indianapolis, IN - "I have mostly traveled independently so was pleased with the balance of tour guided experiences with the freedom to choose once we arrived at a location. Craftours did the hard part which allowed me to enjoy (without trepidation) the actual experience. Hotel was amazing! Bonnie Hunter was the "gravy" on this experience. Just a wonderful balance with an excellent tour guide!"
Elizabeth Dickey, Slippery Rock, PA - "It was a little piece of heaven here on earth"
Kathy Browning, Arcadia, FL - "I was a little skeptical of going on a group tour for the first time, but it was a perfect balance between group time and time to explore on your own. Information given on the bus rides to our daily destination was very helpful and then we had plenty of time to explore where we wanted which might have been different than the rest of the group. I appreciated the central location where we stayed so we didn't have to haul luggage around Italy. It was a beautiful city with wonderful restaurants, shop and gelato!!! Loved every minute of the trip!"
Janet Roth, Red Deer, AB - "I found it a very fun group and enjoyed every minute of our trip. It is a great way for a single lady to travel, felt very safe and well taken care of. Thanks to our guides, Kathy and Amy!"
Norma & Burton Casad, Ponca City, Oklahoma - "My husband took flak for going on a quilting trip that he actually enjoyed it. It was very well done and we would travel with them again."
Paula Barton, Caldwell, Texas - "Words don't describe the beautiful Scenery, the gracious people and the exquisite food we experience on this trip - guides, drivers were all very helpful and professional. I would recommend this trip to anyone. I would love to travel with Craftours again!"
Diane Michal, Trophy Club, Texas - "I loved this trip! Amy & Kathy were great facilitators that helped to bond the group into a caring, supportive, & adventurous as a whole. Thank you for a fabulous retirement trip!"
Adrienne Peake, Rosedale Station, Alberta - "Thank You for the wonderful experience. I have traveled with Craftours and enjoyed both trips."
Carla McGuire, Boynton Beach, Florida - "Fantastic trip! Well organized but yet plenty of free time."
Barb Larson, Chaska, Minnesota - "I enjoyed the Tuscany Tour with Bonnie Hunter. We had just the right mix of sight seeing and also time to relax. Loved it!!"
Beth and Rich Carlson, Chico, California - "This was our first group led trip, and our first time out of the US. The trip was more than we expected. The small group size made it possible to get to know the others. We were able to spend time on our own at each location."
Helen Brandt, Vernon, British Columbia - "Each day was a new adventure, although the description of what we would see was interesting the actual place we visited was much better!"
Leila O'Connor, Dimboola, Victoria - "Where do I start, it was great from beginning to end, Craftours escort was a true delight to meet and looked after us like a mother hen, and our coach driver Con has the knowledge of an encyclopedia, and the personality to go with it, both people were a treasure to meet. The people on tour with us were like a big happy family, and I have come home wishing I could do it all again, Ireland is a beautiful country, and I learned a lot about it, and the Irish way of life, well done everyone."
Billie Ferguson, Dayton, Ohio - "Our flight on Aer Lingus was wonderful, much better than any I have taken before. Con and Anges' enthusiasm were contagious; they kept everyone in high spirits the whole trip. The variety of places we visited kept us all entertained and their little "surprise" stops were delightful. The classes taught us so much; not only about quilting, but how to compose our photos of Ireland. We had a wonderful mixture of people on the trip and every one added something to the adventure. It was truly a magical time. for me it was time spent with my daughter sharing our love of travel and quilting; I was able to show her my favorite place, Ireland and now we are planning and saving for our next trip. Can't thank you enough for making it possible."
Sandra Geho, Marietta, Georgia - "I loved the opportunity to see and experience many beautiful places and historic sites. As a gardener, and quilter, the trips opened so many creative opportunities that will influence me the rest of my life."
Carol Dunn, Salem, Wisconsin - "This tour went way beyond my expectations. I found the tour guides to be informative, helpful and friendly. "
Bonnie Holtz, Des Plaines, Illinois - "I loved the way Charlie took care of us all the time."
Tamera Kaplan, Savage, Minnesota - "I enjoyed the entire trip. The people were fabulous Americans and Chinese. Always friendly and helpful."
Wayne Lasson, Lake Forest, Illinois - "Trip was outstanding. A perfect balance between crafts and local places to see and free time. Accommodations were excellent - at both locations [one in craft area and one in resort area.] We really saw and enjoyed Bali."
Ellen Davidson, Somerville, Massachusetts - "Excellent planning and pacing. Just the right balance of planned and open time. Right balance of doing crafts, observing crafts, and doing other excursions."
Peggy Moore, Hillsboro, Oregon - "Great trip with interesting sites and classes"
Suzette Lee, Bradenton, Florida - "England and the sites were great if you made the most of your time!"
Joan R. Barnes, Orland Park, Illinois - "I'm a traveler, and I was totally impressed with this trip."
Sherly Giglio, Boyds, Maryland - "Loved the trip! Glad we had some free time to do and explore."
Stephanie Rodgers, Washington Township, New Jersey - "The trip was a lot of fun, but very exhausting. I would've preferred more classes, and less bus traveling. My least favorite place was Bath, only because I'm not much of a shopper. On vacation, I'm more into shopping like at Burton on the Water. Absolutely loved Stratford-Upon-Avon!"
Mary Harrell, Milton, Georgia - "At first I was a little nervous about going on the trip as a single, but I quickly made 24 new friends. The trip was wonderful. It was the perfect mix of crafting, sightseeing and camaraderie."
Eileen Jonat, Wake Forest, North Carolina - "The best tour Ever!!"
Susan Cusenbary, Wichita Falls,Texas - "This trip was amazing! I would do it again in a heartbeat."
Trylla Esherick, Albequerque, New Mexico - "The trip was fun. The Hotel Paris in Prague was wonderful with its old world charm. Craftours escort is a keeper and rates a 10+. This trip had a real quilt show with vendors and people."
Lucy Harville, Central Point, Oregon - "Loved going to Budapest and Prague, found the architecture old-world wonderful."
Suzanne Doonan, Malvern, Pennsylvania - "We enjoyed meeting a delightful group of people on this tour. The tour guides were excellent in Vienna and the Czech Republic. Tours included a good mix of museums, villages and cultural attractions."
Kathy Freeman,Portland,Tennessee - "An amazing tour of Tuscany! Each day was better than the day before, even though I didn't think it could be possible."
Greg & Dolores Stefanski, Downers Grove, Illinois - "Excellent taste of Tuscany!"
Debbie Boeken, Ardmore, Oklahoma - "Fabulous trip"
Helga Brown, Lake Havasu City, Arizona - "I was apprehensive about the painting part of the trip but Deb Haugen, our instructor, was absolutely delightful. Deb made the painting class interesting and you wanted to produce something she was teaching us."
Connie Herbold, Pasadena, Maryland - "The trip was terrific, and the weather was perfect. All members of the group seemed to get along well, and everyone was polite and pleasant. "
Janet Nagle ,Danvers, Massachusetts - "The trip was everything I hoped it would be and more"
Cindy Daugherty,Shorewood, Wisconsin - "The Tuscany Tour was incredible! Each day was planned perfectly with the right amount of activity and rest time. We experienced more of the region than we would have on our own including interacting with local artisans for a wonderful flavor of the culture and traditions."
Cathy Sandmann, Pompton Lakes, New Jersey - "I had a wonderful time. The balance between activities and free time on my own was just right. The countryside was beautiful "
Jenny McAllister, Pewaukee, Wisconsin - "I had a wonderful time, it was all I expected and much more."
Helen Fox, Blackburn, Victoria - "Excellent"
Lola Nordstrom, Battle Ground, Washington - "Great trip. Everyday was jam packed with new adventures."
Sandra Geho, Marietta, Georgia - "A wonderfully creative, and educational experience of the Thai people, their food, culture, and fabrics."
Lee Binnion, Boise, Idaho - "Traveling with Pam and Keith Holland is always great fun. They are truly joyous people. Pam can inspire us even while on a bus, but I still want to take a class which is all hands-on. Thailand is a beautiful country filled with truly friendly people. I would go back any time."
Joan Ascue, Plano, Texas - "The Thailand trip was a once in a lifetime adventure. It was a wonderful group of people, and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone. Pam and Keith were, of course, the perfect guides for the trip. And then Temple lost his insulin, Oam stepped up to the plate with the hotel to be sure he was able to get it replaced. "
Sherrill Cooper, Edmond, Oklahoma - "Great locale; great leaders. Had a great time. "
Maureen Engelhardt, Grayslake, Illinois - "Met many wonderful and great people. The boat was wonderful and all employees were very helpful. I thought the quilting part was perfect I really learned a lot. The instructor was great and the Craftours personal were great the only thing I could see that could have been better is if we stayed in some of the places over night to see more of the island."
Michelle Condon, Cheyenne, Wyoming - "The cruise was wonderful, I loved the workshops and sewing time with Bonnie, and making new friends!"
Susan Coan, Concord, North Carolina - "I had a wonderful time on my first ever cruise. The opportunity to be able to do a workshop with Bonnie Hunter was icing on the cake!"
Jody Godwin, Brenham, Texas - "Enjoyed the cruise and the fun of getting to meet a lot of other quilters, as well as, enjoying learning from Bonnie. Just one instructor and working on one project was much more enjoyable for me."
Donna McAllister, Wytheville, Virginia - "I thoroughly enjoyed myself.
Kathi Cappellini, Gainesville, Virginia - "I enjoyed my Quiltville Caribbean Cruise with CraftTours. The 4 day workshop with Bonnie Hunter, and working on one of the quilts was a dream. We were able to make great progress and get to know each other and Bonnie."
Ginny Clay, Mansfield, Ohio - "It was fun and staff went beyond excellent to make sure that we all enjoyed it"
Joyce Grant, Forest Lake, Minnesota - "Relaxing, stress free trip of a lifetime."
Xenia B Searle, Grayslake, Illinois - "Fantastic cruise, lots of sewing time and lots of one-on-one time with the instructor. Great camaraderie among the quilters."
Alice Leishman, Port Orange, Florida - "As this was my first cruise, I thought it was phenomenal! Everything went so smoothly and I had been a bit anxious - and I enjoyed every aspect!"
Carol, Lake Frederick, Virginia - "I love cruising and quilting. My sister and I bonded, met new friends, started a great Bonnie Hunter quilt, learned some Bonnie quilting secrets, relaxed, and visited some great destinations."
Gail Stobart, Novi, Michigan - "This cruise was my second with Craftours and second on Royal Caribbean. I look forward to cruising again with both."
Pam Smith, Martinez, California - "It was wonderful!!! The accommodations were first class and the planning was excellent. The people involved were wonderful, drivers and guides. The leaders, Pam and Keith, handled all the issues that came up and kept the tour rolling forward."
Janet BIgelow, Tacoma, Washington - "I have always wanted to go to Africa, and at last was able to go, and mark it off my bucket list. This trip was all one could wish for, great leaders, guides, knowledgeable, down to earth, and all the good stuff."
Jeff Todoroff, Arcata, California - "Lodging was the best, and the game was quite cooperative. Food was excellent and abundant. The Masai Mara is a stunningly beautiful place; the balloon trip was magical."
Melvina White, Hercules, California - "I had a wonderful time. The game drives were lots of fun, looking for different animals. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful land all around us, beautiful sunsets and sunrises."
Lynne Todoroff, Brookings, South Dakota - "Working with Craftours was easy, very helpful, answered concerns, and well organized. The Africa Expedition was a little late in the high season but animals plentiful. We lucked out with the weather until our last day. I would consider another Craftour and recommend the Africa Expedition"
Karen Kelley, LaPlata, Maryland - "It was wonderful! Pam and Keith made it so special, and easy. I have never taken a trip like that before and will remember it always."
Patricia Costa, Floral Park, New York - "It was the most informative tour I have ever been on. We saw and did things that we would never had the chance to experience as an ordinary tourist."
Julie Archer, Haymarket, Virginia - "The tour of Tuscany exceeded all expectations. Every day was a new adventure. I will never forget this trip or the wonderful new friends I made."
Alma Lou Annab, Springfield Gardens, New York - "What I liked the most about the Tuscany Craft Tour was the opportunity to experience hands on how the traditional craft were made. We were taught by experienced artisans. In addition we saw close up such techniques as stone "mosaics" or inlay. The precision achieved using the simplest of tools, and the inspiration from the stones was absolutely mind-boggling. No word can explain the amazement of the final piece. Being able to see a sculptor in his studio with the live model and the many steps and processes before the statue becomes reality gave greater respect and insight to the work of the old masters. But it was so enjoyable to be able to DO a fresco. To do the leather cover, to squish the clay into decorative shapes was wonderful. Even seeing the unique results of the paper marbling made us realize these were things we could do at home. Most to us show you only a brief glance at historic monuments. This one took you back to the beginning and behind the scenes. Since the group was small we got to know all the individuals very well."
Madalyn Etzel, Lakewood, Ohio - "The South American Expedition was truly a life-changing trip. From beginning to end it was handled flawlessly with no missed buses, trains, tickets or people! I felt at ease knowing everything was so well handled by Mary Ellen. Every day was jam packed with amazing experiences. From the canopy walkway, to visiting the village school, to fishing, to walking Machu Picchu it was phenomenal. Every adventure was well worth it. We made a great use of our time, and I truly think everyone on our trip had a fantastic time."
Marie Novak, Edinboro, Pennsylvania - "It was the trip of a lifetime. our time in Ceiba Tops was the most life affirming and joyous time. Everything about our time there was memorable."
Susan Cruse, Milford, Ohio - "Awesome experience! The activities were well planned for interest and delights. Wonderful trip to Peru."
Karen Stewart, Albuquerque, New Mexico - "The trip was very organized and busy. Mary Ellen was terrific; she kept us informed of what to expect each day and how to be prepared for each activity. This was the first time I have taken a trip with a group (not planning each activity myself). I want to take more trips like this and will want to use Craft Tours again."
Frieda Toback, Summerfield, Florida - "A fascinating tour of Peru, well organized, with excellent hotels and accommodations. Mary Ellen was efficient, helpful and very kind. Bonnie's bubbly personality made everyone happy. She was never without a smile or a sense of wonder."
Jacquelyn Nelson, Greensboro, North Carolina - "It was an amazing trip - enjoyed every second of it!"
Ann Torpey, Somerville, New Jersey - "The tour was very good and most interesting. The Salzburg market was much better than the Innsbruck one. By far the best was the Nuremberg market. It was all that it is advertised to be, even in the rain. Oberammergau was a highlight for me since I had been there to the 2010 Passion Play."
Holly Brown, Alexandria, Virginia - "The trip exceeded all my expectations. Ruhpolding was a delight. I could not have asked for a better place to stay and the people where so friendly and accommodating. The stops on the tour were very exciting. I had so much fun and already planning to go back."
Lois Carter, Kingsport, Tennessee - "It was a trip of a lifetime. On the whole I had a wonderful time. "
Vicki Allred, Redondo Beach, California - "This was a great tour! The Christmas markets in Germany and Austria should be on everyone's bucket list! Loved them!"
Karen Binkley, Long Beach, California - "Great Time was had by all!!"
Liz Williams, Cleburne, Texas - "The Christmas market tour through Austria and Bavaria was fantastic. The towns and villages were very welcoming and friendly."
Linda Carol V. Carter, Knoxville, Tennessee - "This was such a fun trip! Besides the Christmas Markets we visited many interesting sites. The group was a very congenial lot so that added to the pleasure."
Angie Butler, Ocean Grove, New Jersey - "I had a wonderful time on this tour! Just enough time for touring, exploring on my own and recouping after a busy day. It really couldn't have been better!"
Chris Bredwell, Tucson, Arizona - "Local tour guides were exceptional. Their knowledge of Japan (customs, local area, etc.) top notch and entertaining! Accommodations classy."
Nancy Withers, Batavia, Ohio - "Awesome Awesome Awesome"
Paula Von Winckelmann, Paso Robles, California - "This was my first trip to Japan and it was a wonderful introduction to the country and the Japanese people and their culture."
Leah Jordan, Clarksville, Tennessee - "This was a wonderful tour. I would never have gotten to this part of the world without this great tour offering."
Audrey Mantle, Lafayette, California - "The balance of planned activities and free time was good. We were traveling with a very savvy group of women who came up with suggestions - fabric shopping street, Shibori museum, and fabric/craft shop across from our hotel in Kyoto. We found the Gallery of Japanese Arts and Crafts which was wonderful. The day trip to the Kimono Museum and Mt. Fuji was great with a wonderful, typical lunch included. The workshops were well organized, fun and a change of pace from touring. The hotels and included meals were excellent. Our guide in Kyoto (Sunny) was excellent and a delightful person. It was a wonderful first trip to Japan and I thoroughly enjoyed it."
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, Massachusetts - "This is my third tour with this company. It was excellent as usual. I will be signing up for another tour very soon."
Cindy Pomerico, Paso Robles, California - "This was my first trip in a group. I enjoyed it."
Marlene Barkley, El Macero, California - "I loved the Japan tour. Everything went so smoothly due to expert leaders. The hotels were the best."
Ruth McKinney, DeSoto, Texas - "I really enjoyed the entire tour. The quilt show was great. But, the shrines and temples we saw were also fabulous."
Judith Zakrewski, Brooklyn, New York - "I had a great time. I especially liked the music at dinner."
Barbara Robinson, Eustis, Florida - "Loved it and learned a lot from Jami."
Karen Hough, Sanger, Texas - "This was a very different cruise, we learned about making the designs for quilted tops. Jamie Wallen was the instructor. This was a small group and it really gave plenty of time to each person. I learned a lot about finishing my quilts."
Teresa Williamson, Baton Rouge, Louisiana - "The Naperville Cocoon was just what I was looking for! Every instructor was absolutely wonderful and it really opened my eyes to some great techniques. The hotel was great, food was great, and the entire event was very well organized. This was my first time traveling with Craftours and I'm looking forward to another trip!!!"
Linda Umstead, Montague, Michigan - "Had a great time. Instructors were very helpful."
Denise Nehl, Jefferson City, Missouri - "I enjoyed the classes. The instructors were knowledgeable and patient with all levels of skill."
Linda Carpenter, College Station, Texas - "This was my first experience with Craftours; I had a fantastic time. Group B was the best! We could not have had a better group. The instructors were great and I learned a lot from each one. Honoring Rosemary on Wednesday night was a highlight that I nor many of us will ever forget."
Susan McCoy, Elmhurst, Illinois - "A great four day quilting experience."
Leslie Legros, Kenora, Ontario - "This was a wonderful opportunity I would not have had otherwise to meet the 4 Amazing Teachers and of course Kaye England and Lisa B!"
Bryan Nehl, Jefferson City, Missouri - "I initially came for one class in particular. However, I kept an open mind and I learned something in every class."
Kate Schrot, North Mankato, Minnisota - "It was great. Classes were wonderful. The group was friendly and everyone seemed to get along."
Debbie Conlee, Montgomery, Illinois - "I signed up for the event because I don't do ships (seasick!) and wanted a class with Bonnie Hunter. I hesitated to attend class with Mark Sherman and Pam Holland. I am not artistic and that is how I viewed their work. To my delight, I had the best time learning the techniques that Mark and Pam use in their work. I can transfer those skills to other projects. And Pepper Cory was so encouraging to those of us who dreaded curved piecing! Everyone was so welcoming and wanted to make sure that we had a good time. I am still smiling a week later! When is the next cocoon?"
Marilyn Nance, Chicago, Illinois - "I had a wonderful time! The classes, instructors, meals and venue were all terrific."
Christine Hampton, Oregon, Wisconsin - "The Cocoon was the most amazing experience. The best quilt retreat I've been to, by far, and my first trip with Craftours. I learned so much from all the Master Instructors. It was a great line up of workshops. I can't say enough good things about this event. Please repeat the IL Quilting Cocoon soon."
Helen Fox, Blackburn, Australia - "Fabulous, stimulating, inspiring AND I learned and became comfortable with lots of ways of doing things differently - curves, trapunto using multiple layers of different batting, thread stitching and companion ruler for flying geese! Lots of extra sewing time to work on projects and some fun entertainment as well as surprises!"
Doris Troutt, Mt. Vernon, Illinois - "I loved the versatility of the instructors. I did things I didn't believe I was capable of. Thank you instructors!"
Anne Wawrzyniak, McFarland, Wisconsin - "GREAT time. The small class size gave ample opportunity for 1:1 with the instructors. The hotel was comfortable, and large enough that one didn't feel cramped in our rooms or classrooms. The topics covered by the instructors were able to be taught in a one day class without feeling rushed."
Rosemary Dawes, Bedford, Texas - "It was an unbelievable experience. Everything, the instructors, the equipment, the personal support and the technical support, were top notch. For me, nothing compares to my being surprised with the awarding of a Quilt of Valor. It was an experience I will not forget."
Rebecca Andrews, Sahuarita, Arizona - "I enjoyed the cocoon very much. The instructors were great and learned a lot."
Donna Simonton, Clinton, Maryland - "I thought this was a great idea and a lot of fun. Four different teachers with four different techniques made for a great week!"
Antoinette Susie McKelvy, Medina, Texas - "What a wonderful experience. Great teachers, wonderful accommodations, great food."
Terry Klausmeier, Lake Forest, Illinois - "The Naperville Cocoon far surpassed my expectations! The accommodations at the Chicago Marriott were lovely, and the meals served were not only healthy; they tasted great! Kaye and Lisa made sure everything ran smoothly and did it with smiles and laughter! They are quite a team! Mark, Pam, Pepper and Bonnie were the dream team -- their talent, teaching skills and patience made for an amazing retreat! I am already looking for my next adventure! "
Chris Deering, Chicago, Illinois - "I loved this cocoon. It was such a great chance to learn from wonderful instructors and make new quilting friends!"
Jaqueline Mills, Medford, New Jersey - "Alaska was everything I hoped it would be. Traveling with Crafters allowed me to share the experience with others who share my passion for quilting. As a single woman, traveling alone, this made my trip all the more enjoyable."
Linda Helders, Neshkoro, Wisconsin - "The cruise was wonderful, & I enjoyed the sewing"
Ellen MacLaughlin, Midland, Michigan - "Wonderful trip meeting all my new quilting sisters."
Barbara Giguere, Shelburne, Massachusetts - "The Alaskan Cruise with Bonnie Hunter was quilting fun from beginning to end! This was my first Craftours trip and I hope it won't be my last."
Rena Shield, Roscoe, Illinois - "Enjoyed the cruise very much"
Cindi Burgdorf, Florissant, Missouri - "I had a wonderful time. The set up for sewing was great, and Royal Caribbean is a good choice for your tours."
Debi Persson, Duluth, Minnesota - "It was an amazing cruise! And a bonus to meet Bonnie Hunter."
Marilee McQuarrie, Wallawalla, Washington - "The tour itself was wonderful. Our guide and bus driver, Con, were fantastic people who knew the area and history. We completely enjoyed the trip."
Meg Brotnov, Bellingham, Washington - "Ireland is a beautiful land of endless history. Craftours allowed us to visit as many places as possible in a short amount of time. The hotels were excellent and dinners superb! Our guide, Agnus was lovely and kept us organized and driver, Con very informative about the area. There was so much to see and so much history to absorb that I often didn't catch it all."
Sharon E. Posey, Everett, Washington - "I had a fabulous trip to Ireland, Craftours escort was an excellent tour guide. The bus driver Con O'Leary also was an educated bus driver who informed of the history of Ireland."
Vicki Brown, Moreno Valley, CA - "I am truly enjoying the tour that your company has put together. Mary Ellen really keeps us at a nice pace. I have seen the various sites and have had time to shop and enjoy the food at the local restaurants around the hotel. The best thing I love is we stay in the one hotel and get plenty of rest. I enjoyed the workshop on the Scottish Wishing Doll and have made a pattern to use for future. Heika’s workshop on quilt meditation was very enjoyable; using pieces of fabric to just create and let our mind go. My sister is a quilter and this has given me an idea to use a small flat cloth bag and put in it odds and ends along with blank cards so when she travels she has a meditation bag and can relax and create. Tomorrow, we go to Glasgow where my mom’s parents were raised and found each other. Just wanted to share. I have been on the bus with Mary Ellen and Heika - they are concerning and watch over us. Holly was so great as she helped get me to see the Crown Jewels so I wouldn’t regret not seeing them. Truly enjoyable. "
Nancy Somers, Algonquin, Illinois - "I loved the Mediterranean cruise. We went to so many beautiful places, also made new friends."
Vickii Banfield, Minchinbury, New South Wales - "The cruise was amazing, relaxing, full of fun & entertainment."
Kathy Kewin, Fairport, New York - "It was very organized. The people and employees were friendly. The food was outstanding."
Steve Fraas, Flagler Beach, Florida - "This was our first cruise in many years. The fact that it was a quilting cruise was a bonus for my wife who is a passionate and skilled quilter. It was wonderful to meet other quilters and spouses to share the cruise event. We have made new friends and look forward to a Craftours event in the future."
Donna Quimby, North Haledon, New Jersey - "It was a great trip with a great group of people!"
Pat Kennedy, Grand Rapids, Michigan - "Repeatedly in awe of the beauty of Italy."
Jackie Beard, Lansing, Michigan - "A great opportunity to see many places packed in a reasonably short period and some sewing thrown in for good measure."
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, Massachusetts - "It was a trip of a lifetime. Everything was wonderful."
Nancy Michalak, Farmington Hills, Michigan - "Machu Picchu and the Amazon were truly amazing. Better than the PBS specials."
Beverly Brown, Bloomington, Indiana - "Had a wonderful time and saw some awesome sites!"
Donna Bonine, Parsons, Kansas - "I enjoyed my cruise very much. It was my second cruise and I enjoyed being able to sew as I was cruising. I was a lot of fun meeting new people that enjoyed the same thing that I love to do."
Jo Ann Newsome, Columbus, Ohio - "The destinations were great and thoroughly enjoyed the excursions. The Oasis was a big ship that offered plenty of fun things and places as well as great food."
Kathi Martin, Puiallup, Washington - "Fabulous itinerary. Very knowledgeable guides. Lodging was special."
Sandy Bodin, Lake City, Minnesota - "Touring Kathmandu with Jinny Beyer was a dream come true!"
Vernon Martin, Puiallup, Washington - "Enjoyed the trip very much. The accommodations at the Hyatt Regency Kathmandu were excellent including the food service. Tour bus operations were safe, reliable, and courteous. The local guides were also very informative and eager to please. Air transportation was excellent."
Carole Nicholas, Oakton, Virginia - "Nepal with Jinny Beyer exceeded all my expectations. Our guides, Susan and Anil were excellent and provided us with cultural, historical and political insights that we would never have gotten in a guide book. The choice of towns and craft workshops was excellent. The Hyatt Regency was a welcome oasis amid the traffic and chaos of the Kathmandu city streets, yet close walking distance to the shopping and sightseeing area of Boudhanath. Jinny was a big hit with the participants, who enjoyed the quilting sessions with her."
Donna Hillard, Kirkland, Washington - "The tour was a good mix of sight seeing and crafts. We had chances to meet and talk to local people and get an idea of how they do business."
Sandi Goldman, Annandale, Virginia - "I didn't expect to enjoy my trip to Nepal as much as I did but it turned out to be a very special place."
Ulla-Britt Tidstrom, Chicago, Illinois - "I had a great time and enjoyed the sewing classes very much. Did not think I would like the sewing subjects very much, but I did, and learned a few things as well."
Katheryn Alexander, Eugene, Oregon - "I had a GREAT time! Teachers were excellent, cruise was excellent. Can't wait to go again!"
Bev Valle, North Andover, Massachusetts - "I really enjoyed the projects presented, and hope to finish "Connected" presented by Carol Moellers in the near future."
Peggi Chambers, Avondale, Arizona - "Awesome cruise... enjoyed the camaradaries of the quilting group."
Peggy Barton, Cornelius, North Carolina - "It was a great trip and I especially enjoyed the quilting time we had on the ship."
Francis McDaniel, Carthage, Missouri - "I loved the cruise and all the people we were with. Pam Holland gave me so many neat ideas. Also after classes with Carol Moellers I see so many things in a different light for quilts. The craft Mary Ellen Francis has given me new incite also. I absolutely love my new Janome machine we bought from Scott and Ryan."
Jo Ann Dickerson, Wichita, Kansas - "Very good tour thanks to our local guide & tour escort."
Kathy Maurin, Kansas City, Missouri - "The tour itself was great. Craftours escort was wonderful."
Maureen McNally, Hobe Sound, Florida - "Great tour of the various Christmas Markets in Austria and Germany... Plenty of time to explore on your own. Great hotels and transportation"
Jamie Hart, Haverhill, Massachusetts - "Exceeded my expectations!"
Pam Wilson, Copperhill, Tennasee - "I learned a new quilt making technique and had a lot of fun doing it. "
Mary Travillian, Marshalltown, Iowa - "This was a great cruise - both for places visited as well as the "EXCELLENT" and "REMARKABLE" quilting experience."
Karen Aruda, Cedar Hill, Texas - "Great cruise. Loved Mark Sherman class, learned a lot. "
Catherine Hough, Sherman Oaks, California - "I really enjoyed the Caribbean Cruise with Mark Sherman. The group was so friendly and interesting to be with. Also, it was exciting learning a new quilting technique and carrying it out to the finished product."
Karyn Dengler, Coral Springs, Florida - "Alice, Ryan & Mark were wonderful, the cruise was an added benefit!"
Kathleen Bell, Tewksbury, Massachusetts - "I enjoyed this quilting cruise the most out of the five I have taken with Craftours. We had one project which we concentrated on all week. At the end of the trip, everyone had a completed quilt top to take home. I preferred this to some of the previous trips with three or four projects started and nothing finished!!"
Carol Gordhamer, Leesburg, Florida - "My 4th quilting cruise. Second one with Mark Sherman. Both were the best times ever. Alice and Ryan were wonderful too. "
Kathy Louderback, Deerfield Beach, Florida - "Great cruise, everything was first class. I loved every minute of it. I can't wait to go on my next Craftours to Ireland"
Valerie Bearfield, Port St. Lucie, Florida - "My husband and I totally enjoyed the cruise. In addition Mark Sherman's quilting classes were educational and fun where we loved meeting new quilters and sharing experiences."
Cathy Grant, West Bloomfield, Michigan - "Very well organized. Little touches like wine and cupcakes, special notes and cards in our cabin all created a wonderful experience."
Elizabeth Edwards, Edwardsville, Illinois - "Tour guides, drivers and accommodations were exceptional."
Sherry Turpenoff, Glen Carbon, Illinois - "Duncan and your company turned the rest of it into a trip of a lifetime! Duncan took care of our every need. The 2 vans for 6 gave us wonderful photo opportunities. Adayo and Joseph were the BEST safari guides you could ever have. We saw the big 5, the Samburu 5, 2 leopards, 2 cheetahs, 2 lionesses with young Cubs, one male guarding a huge carcass etc. I have the photos of a lifetime and equally wonderful memories of the vial age we visited, the fabulous places we stayed and especially Duncan and guides!!"
Julia Graves, Leesburg, Virginia - "This trip was very professionally run. I loved going to the Tokyo International Quilt Festival - it had been on my bucket list for a long time. The kimono museum was very unique."
Laura Murphy, Thousand Oaks, California - "I really enjoyed the trip! We had a chance to see a lot of fun and interesting sites and Craftours selected excellent guides who made the tour an excellent experience."
Lena Muller, Cornelius, North Carolina - "The trip to Japan was more than I expected. I saw his respectful and friendly the people are. The accommodations and food were excellent. My favorite highlight of the trip was a dinner with a Maiko and Geisha. Our escorts, Sherrill and Sonny were very good in keeping us on track and informative of the Japanese culture."
Grace Brouillette, Banning, California - "The Japan tour was wonderful. The Quilt show was wonderful. The crafts we did were such fun and such good memories. And the trips to the temples, shrines, and museums was a nice compliment to the show. Sherrill our guide was fun and helpful. I even made new friends."
Katherine Cutler, Vernon, Vermont - "This was the best run, most enjoyable tour I have ever joined. It was beyond my expectations and I can't stop telling everyone about it and recommending Craftours to anyone who wants a total travel experience."
Holly Betz, Aliso Viejo, California - "This trip was the perfect combination of introducing us to Japanese culture through shrines, gardens, food, along with an opportunity to experience and practice their unique artistic expression. The hotel accommodations, tour director and our local tour guide were all exceptional."
Peggy Barton, Cornelius, North Carolina - "It was a fabulous trip. I came home with a new appreciation for the friendliness of the Japanese people and the cleanliness of their country. Besides meeting new friends, seeing things I had only read about and eating new foods, I had many experiences I will never forget."
Patty Goddard, Paducah, Kentucky - "I had a great time. I learned a lot and saw many, many beautiful things."
Colleen Welch, Bandon, OR - "This was a great experience. Enjoyed meeting fellow quilters and learning new techniques."
Judy Saville, Tehachapi, CA - "It was an intense learning experience allowing us to get to know the instructors and better understand and use their learning techniques."
Eunice Sutter, Pace, FL - "I love the cocoon atmosphere. The classes had twelve crafters who were always sharing and helping each other. The class chemistry was amazing. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships made. The teachers were relaxed and amazing. Each student received one on one instruction as needed"
Susan Owen, Colorado Springs, CO - "This Cocoon was an excellent experience for me in a beautiful setting. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the expertise of the instructors. Their work is incredible!"
Susan McCoy, Elmhurst, IL - "A great time -- meeting new quilters, learning from innovative teachers and staying in a beautiful resort in Santa Fe, NM! All good!"
Mary Ann Hayre, Santa Rosa, CA - "Wonderful teachers in a world class setting"
Barb Gabriel, Bremerton, WA - "This is my first ever Craftours experience of any kind and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Mary Ellen, our host, was on the spot every minute of the day with whatever we needed. I'm sure she worked hard behind the scenes to make sure our needs were met. My fellow "cocooners" were a joy to get to know, work with, play with and interesting in their own right. I am seriously considering repeating this experience."
Shirley Shaw, Chandler, AZ - "Teachers, awesome, patient and fun. I learned so much from each of them. Scott, as always. Very good in keeping us sewing, Mary Ellen made it all work. I met amazing, courageous women of all walks of life and professions. Thank you"
Anna Kurrent, Pinole, CA - "First time attending a Cocoon and was very pleased at the content and quality of teachers."
Rosemary Dawes, Bedford, TX - "The 4 classes were so different that every day brought a new experience."
Julie Archer, Haymarket, VA - "This was my third Cocoon and the best yet. All four of the amazing teachers generously shared their time and talents. Mary Ellen, our Craftour escort, was fantastic as always. She made sure we were well taken care of and on schedule."
Carolyn Foley, Coochiemudlo IslandQueensland, Australia - "A great trip."
Patricia McCumber, Ooltewah, TN - "Thailand has been on my bucket list for a while and sharing the experience with Pam, and her husband Keith, made for a wondrous journey from start to finish. Their personal connection to the country, its people and culture was evident every day of our stay. Pam and Keith gave of their time, energy and knowledge to ensure the group received a first class adventure!"
H. Margot Johnson, Southbank Victoria, Australia - "A thoroughly stimulating, diverting and inspirational trip. An appropriate way to celebrate my 80th year amongst fibre friends. Thank you ladies and especially to Pam and Keith for their caring kindness. Travel is much more than seeing sights."
Suzanne Doonan, Malvern, PA - "It was fascinating to experience winter light at the 60th parallel. I was surprised to encounter so many Finns with excellent English. They were friendly and helpful everywhere we went."
Emily Kniesly, Carmel, IN - "Great trip. Good selection of activities."
Roxanne Ney, Allentown, PA - "Loved the group. Jim was warm, sincere and very attentive. I’m looking forward to joining future trips. Loved it would recommend your company to anyone looking for a great tour."
Margarita Rice, Portland, OR - "Our tour guides were exceptionally knowledgeable and of good humor. The city and small towns were excellent choices. And then there were the markets! So fun! We also had excellent weather, which isn’t always the case for a December tour. Another plus which isn’t always the case on tours: Everyone in the group got along well, with much sharing and laughter. Many friendships were made."
Sue McKee, Tustin, CA - "What a wonderful trip! It was nice that there were only 17 of us on the tour. Such a nice group of people. The hotels, scenery, towns, and shopping were beyond words. The time went by too quickly. I could have stayed longer! Agnes, our tour director, was delightful."
Rochelle Cossette, Bloomington, MN - "This was a wonderful trip and will definitely be taking another one."
Beverly Smith, Bloomington, MN - "Wonderful and very organized."
Karen Uridel, Mentor, OH - "I enjoyed this trip. We had a wonderful tour guide. She took us to the best places to shop. The craft workshops were different and interesting. Pam Holland was interesting and creative. She showed us a different way of looking at things. The three cities we visited were so very different. It was an experience I won’t soon forget."
Lucy Lowry, Edgewood, WA - "Energy of the organizer is contagious."
Paula Bain, Kansas City, MO - "One of the best experiences of my life so far!"
Nancy J Chandler, Jensen Beach, FL - "Loved the cooking, embroidery and bead classes. They were certainly something I wouldn’t have access to if not on the tour. Liked the Rabat tour.It was nice to have the woman guide who really shared a lot about Morocco."
Diana Van Hise, Roanoke, VA - "Good tour."
Todd Vykouk, Lebanon, TN - "Trip was over and above expectations. Very well organized, fun people and the tour directors were very accommodating."
Donna Hillard, Kirkland, WA - "I enjoyed seeing some of the country, meeting people, trying the food. It gave me a sense of a proud country with friendly people. Everyone I talked with seemed glad that I had come. I enjoyed meeting the craftspeople and learning about them."
Annie Stevenot, Watsonville, CA - "This trip went beyond my expectations! It was wonderful! So carefully curated, and side tris were spectacular. Jim West was beyond delightful and fabulous. I am already signing up for another tour. The whole team was incredible from start to finish. I thought it would be good, but it was so heart filled and full of joy...I loved it!"
Sharon Coker, Napa, CA - "The trip was epic. I had high expectations but you have to see the colors, designs and crafts for yourself to really understand the wonderful culture. The people were genuine and welcoming and it was a reminder to me that in these stressful times, we aren’t countries, we’re people. The tour guide was excellent and added a number of surprises to the trip."
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, MA - "I had a wonderful time."
Emily Robertson Hood, Kirkland, WA - "Excellent local guide gave not only historical and factual insights to our visits, but was generous with her own experience and perspective on Morocco."
Lynda Ryan, Kenosha, WI - "This was a good blending of seeing some of the culture as well as crafts."
Jill Lombard, Carlsbad, CA - "I had a wonderful time."
Karen Jordan, Naperville, IL - "I enjoyed my first trip to Japan with Craftours. It was a good overall introduction to the country."
Patricia Adair, Huntington Beach, CA - "I enjoyed all aspects of this tour culminating with the wonderful Tokyo International Quilt Show."
Patricia White, Calabash, NC - "Very enjoyable tour. The hotels, transportation, tour guides, crafting experiences were great."
Pamela M Gayle, Huntington Beach, CA - "I had a good time. Japan was a beautiful country to visit and something that I wouldn’t have done on my own because of the language difference."
Lynne Cranson, Yuma, AZ - "It was a wonderful experience."
Pat Christenson, Kirkland, WA - "I enjoyed this tour very much. I have been fascinated by Ancient Egypt for as long as I can remember, so finally going there and walking in the footsteps of the people that I have admired for so long was a dream come true. Modern Egypt was very eye opening also."
Leslie Gordon, Neskowin, OR - "This tour completely exceeded my expectations. Mohamed, our tour guide was the best guide I have ever had for any tour. Our accommodations, both hotel and boat were excellent, both the room and the food. I found the Egyptian people to be very honest, friendly and accommodating. I also felt safer, even in Cairo, as I often do in the US. I walked by myself in the morning along the Nile and felt completely safe. The places we were taken were all excellent and some would not be on any other tour, especially the Tent Makers of Cairo who are amazing quilt makers."
Roberta Allen, Oceanside, CA - "This was an incredible tour! The small group added to the experience. Having lunch across from the Sphinx to sailing on a boat to Abu Simbel...each experience on this tour was outstanding and so memorable. I highly recommend this tour, it’s a must on your bucket list!"
Magdalena Muller, Cornelius, NC - "Egypt has always intrigued me. I admired their art very much. When Craftours offered a trip to Egypt, I jumped on it right away along with my friend. Seeing all the ancient treasures was a marvel forme! We had an excellent tour guide, Mo, who you could tell loves his country and knows it very well. He was more than happy to share his love and knowledge of Egypt. I am so happy I got the opportunity to see Egypt."
Nancy Nelson-Kremer, Brandon, SD - "Fantastic tour where we learned about the history while seeing it in person."
Jolette Olig, Fargo, ND - "This was my first tour of this kind. For the price paid, I did not expect as many wonderful experiences and the top notch accommodations that we received. Many of my fellow travelers had been on previous trips with Craftours and gave great testimony to their other experiences."
Suzanne Leimer, Moultrie, GA - "Jam packed itinerary at a great price. Many wonderful memories I will never forget."
Kathie Vaughn, Carmichael, CA - "Kenya was a magical experience from our excellent safari driver and wonderful safari experiences to superb accommodations at Sweetwater."
Carol Carter, Marshfield, WI - "Indeed, this was a wonderful trip. Even more than was expected. The outings to see the animals were always exciting and the local guide seemed to always know where to go to see yet another animal. I liked that we had many outings. The spinning and weaving and then the beading place were heartwarming to see. I loved their artwork. Visiting the school was special. The kids were adorable. I’m glad Jim is helping them out and was glad to contribute. "
Shelly Stilger, Bel Aire, KS - "Kenya is a wonderful destination. I found it to be beautiful, friendly, and welcoming. Our Craftours group was a fun bunch of fellow travelers, and our Kenyan guides were absolutely stellar."
Susan Server, Los Gatos, CA - "This trip was amazing and exceeded all my expectations. I wish I could have stayed longer. Thank you, Jim, for a memorable experience."
Siri Carter, Marshfield, WI - "Amazing experience! I would recommend to anyone!"
Sheila Arney, Marshalltown, IA - "When I first read about this trip I thought it would be a good one to have my husband join me. I was not mistaken! I had been on a couple other trips that were more "craft" orientated, and this one was more of a "taste" of the country. Both of us thoroughly enjoyed the trip."
Ramona Tapper, Polk City, IA - "I really enjoyed this trip- we did get to see the highlights of Portugal- which is what the trip was titled."
Linda Evans, Farmington Hills, MI - "From the very beginning to the farewell dinner, every day was a new experience. The extraordinary landscapes, architecture and friendly people of Portugal made this trip more than I expected. I can’t wait for a return visit."
Zoe Enright, Cincinnatti, OH - "I just loved Mapula Embroideries. So colorful and expressive of each individual artist."
Gay Prater, Elkin, NC - "Good value for the cost."
Liz Berry, Chesapeake, VA - "Scotland is amazing. The attractions we got the privilege to see were simply beautiful. Our tour guide was extremely knowledgeable and was able to give us a wealth of information and to help put things in perspective. Scotland is a country worth visiting again and again."
Paula Von Winckelmann, Paso Robles, CA - "This trip was amazing. The central location and quality of the hotel, Radisdon Blu was perfect. The guides were great, food exceptional."
Sarah Curtis, Farmington, ME - "Fantastic place to visit."
Sallie Sirhal, Kingston, RI - "We had beautiful weather in Edinburgh and visited interesting historical and contemporary venues."
Diane Herrington, Dripping Springs, TX - "One of my favorite trips ever!"
Katherine Chevalier, Foothill Ranch, CA - "I loved my trip, it met and exceeded my expectations! I’m glad I upgraded my room at Sweetwaters, it was well worth it! I loved the paper bead class, the painting class. I loved having Pam Holland there as a guide, this is the second tour I’ve taken with her!"
Laura Payne, Dripping Springs, TX - "This was the trip of a lifetime!! Every detail was taken care of and we were free to just soak in the culture and enjoy the experiences that were arranged for us! Highly recommend Craftours!"
Andrea Gormley, San Francisco, CA - "The Kenya Arts & Crafts Expedition trip was a terrific combination of city tours/drives, shopping, craft presentations & participation, Safari drives to learn about & view amazing animals, and relaxation at our accommodations. It was a nice mix of activities, down time, and wildlife."
Deanna Ott, Aurora, CO - "The Monarch Mecca trip was amazing. Seeing the Monarchs was more than I imagined, it was magic. I also enjoyed the botanical gardens in Toluca and touring around Mexico City."
Jen Neve, Austin, TX - "Kylee was a delight. She was very informative and shared enough of her experiences to keep things interesting. She also organized a nice surprise visit from a young lady who had bicycled the monarch migration route. Sherrill was wonderful. Organised and very clear about expectations and timeliness. The Rancho San Cayetano B&B was so pretty. The rooms were comfortable. Hotel Avandaro was incredible-so nice. El Rosario sanctuary was incredible."
Doretta Herr, Bloomington, IL - "Great people and great value."
Cathy Howell, Eaton Rapids, MI - "Excellent trip! We were kept busy seeing a beautiful country and had the right amount of personal time to venture on our own."
Don Myers, Bloomington, IL - "Very well organized; printed materials get an A for presentation; Holly Gaines Brown was very fun; hotels were first rate."
Marcia Richardson, Jacksonville, FL - "The Craftours Textiles of India was awesome. For me, it combined the culture and the sights of India along with the textiles that are part of India. To experience the Taj Mahal was extraordinary----never did I think I would be there. Pam and Govind were excellent guides and so full of information which they shared with us. Being able to interact with the people of India was fun. Also to be able to see where and how the people live is one thing I wont forget. "
Margaret Winzeler, Harrodsburg, KY - "Our guide, Mr. Govind, was amazing. His history knowledge was incredible and he helped us immerse ourselves in the culture. The craftsmen we met truly love their art and were eager to share it with us."
Judy Valentino, Hales Corners, WI - "The tour was amazing, we had such fun. There seemed to be something to see or do every minute."
Helen Potts, Athelstone, South Australia, Australia - "The tours was great, Pam, Govind and our lovely bus driver Guru and his assistant were wonderful."
Suzy Hutton, Seal Beach, CA - "This was my first trip to Ireland, and I thoroughly enjoyed being introduced to Ireland in this enchanting way."
Terri Andrino Korte, Willits, CA - "This was an amazing trip! My second Craft Tour trip. Great price, very organized, and good accommodations. I found it relaxed enough to allow free time for our group of 25 in Bus #1. Our tour guide Agnes (genuine Irish gal) was perfect in making sure things went as planned... we also got an extra guide with Hika who was helping out. The group crafts were a lot of fun. Also, shopping at stores and having tours of the local Irish factories was a delight. Our bus driver Brendon was such a good driver, and helpful. I enjoyed talking to people in my group, and came away inspired by a few who were 70-80’s and had amazing courage and spirit to travel so far from home. To top it off... the weather was beautiful! a win win.."
Cindy Miller, Athens, AL - "This was my first tour and I couldn’t have been more impressed. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. The tour was well balanced with activities and free time and the tour group leader and driver were well informed and very approachable. It was like being on tour with your friends. I’m already planning another trip back to Ireland. I just fell in love with the people and the place."
Catherine Suter, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada - "I really enjoyed my time there. The Tour guide Agnes was super, engaging, factual, humorous and obviously dedicated. Brendan the bus and tour guide was also very pleasant and knew his route."
Alice Rigg, Oceanside, CA - "It was a nice trip to the central coast section of western Ireland."
Frances Cummings, Pomona, CA - "Wonderful sights it was all very interesting."
Marquita Pierce, Simi Valley, CA - "I thoroughly enjoyed my tour."
Susan Pearson, Claremont, CA - "Great tour overall."
Caren Duggan, Caldwell, ID - "It was such a beautiful tour of Italy! I enjoyed the well taught artistic classes."
Carol Dunn, Salem, WI - "One of the best tours ever! Thanks to Agnes Warren. She is amazing!"
Ellen Matter, Warwick, PA - "The trip was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for more."
Fran Peters, Alexandria, KY - "ENJOYABLE TRIP!"
Marsha Mowery, Fort Collins, CO - "The tour was so diversified--history, scenery, great guides, accommodations and food, and of course, crafts."
Roslynn Piernas-Hills, Chino, CA - "The expedition was filled with activity. Not a dull moment. The tour coaches were top of the line with expert drivers."
Marcia Schulman, Bala Cynwyd, PA - "This trip was everything I expected and more! The combination of visiting sights I had always dreamed of seeing, plus those I had never heard of, and having the craft experiences was fabulous! Great escort; great people; and even though I'm not a crafter, I enjoyed every single experience."
Barbara Sacawa, Schenectady, NY - "Wonderful trip. Couldn't have asked for nicer tour guides in Rome, Florence and Lucca. Such a beautiful country."
Joyce Brewer, Jacksonville, FL - "This was our first time taking a group tour vacation. It was nice to have most of the decisions and planning done for us. We had a lovely trip. It felt like a safe way to travel."
Clif Brewer, Jacksonville, FL - "Our trip to Italy with Craftours was wonderful. It was our first tour and I feel fairly certain we will join another tour in the future."
Ann Rogers, Plainfield, NH - "I loved it! We saw so much and it made me want to go back. I don't think I can put it into a few short sentences. Alice was a wonderful guide."
Phyllis Elrich, Staten Island, NY - "So many things to see and do! The trip was filled with crafts and touring. Alice, the tour guide, was spectacular! Her adorable personality made us all get in a great mood for everything. The trip was everything it promised and more."
Julie Hatley, Monroe, NH - "Craftours provided for a great tour of Tuscany with a focus on the local crafts, but with sufficient time for exploring, learning, shopping and enjoying the sites and beauty of Tuscany."
Janis Niesse, Brookhaven, GA - "This trip is a wonderful experience of a very beautiful region of Italy."
Lanette Hill, Lake Havasu City, AZ - "Loved that the trip and excursions were planned ahead of time and that Craftours took care of everything (booking flight/hotel etc.)"
Ann Hothem, Newcomerstown, OH - "Cinque Terre was breathtaking, the Tuscany region inviting with excellent food, wine and people!! The architecture and history was unbelievable."
Marie Niesse, Jacksonville, FL - "I had a wonderful time! The hands-on experiences with background information from our guides helped us learn the historical and cultural contexts and meanings of the crafts we were learning about."
Dick Fermanian, Kansas City, MO - "This was our first tour and it was a good one. Nice way to get a taste of Ireland."
Linda Pringle, Grand Junction, CO - "Great trip. I appreciated the small group size."
Elaine Barrett, Bangor, NSW Australia - "Interesting tour as there is something for everyone due to the combination of gardens and castles."
Julia McGrath, Van Wert, OH - "Loved this tour. Most everything was wonderful and thought out for our benefit. Beautiful country- side. Nice hotels. Fun people. Great guides."
Janet Glaholt, West Sacramento, CA - "What a great way to see parts of a beautiful country. It was amazing to see actual castles and the gardens were stunning."
Nancy Laswick, Phoenix, AZ - "Had a great time in Ireland. Our tour leader Holly, was awesome."
Judy Gottsch, Eloy, AZ - "Ireland was so beautiful and the tours there were exceptional."
Rebecca Frederick, Greenwell Springs, LA - "Wonderful trip. Beautiful country and people."
Sandra Yeager, Peyton, CO - "The tour was exactly what was published and it was a fantastic trip. The tour guide was fantastic and was very knowledgeable and fun."
Lyn C. Ahboltin, Meadow Vista, CA - "Ireland is a beautiful country and I thoroughly enjoyed the many tours all around to see the 'green' of it all."
Di An Putnam, Winnemucca, NV - "A dream vacation - escorted by guides that provided a fabulous history and culture of Ireland."
Carolyn Anderson, Middleboro, MA - "The Festival of Quilts in Birmingham was wonderful. The amount of vendors was extraordinary and diverse in what was offered. The tour was well organized and covered a lot of ground from Stratford Upon Avon to the lovely village of Bourton-on-the-Water to the cities of Bath and London. We spent an extra day in London to extend the fun. A great time."
Terry Aske, New Westminster, BC Canada - "It was a wonderful tour! We loved the variety of quilts and other fibre arts at the Festival of Quilts. The bus tour through England was a perfect blend of quaint historical towns and scenery, and the excitement of London. The ratio of planned activities to free time was perfect for us. This was my first visit to England, and I loved it!"
Linda Henderson, Junction City, KS - "This was my first international travel. The cities we visited were wonderful and I enjoyed the experience."
Anne de Verteuil, Victoria, BC Canada - "I loved the Quilting Tour, our guide was very helpful, the pace was just right. There was just the right amount of time to relax and explore on our own in addition to the guided tours and planned activities."
Stephanie Wexler, Los Angeles, CA - "I loved it ! The Festival of Quilts was amazing and we enjoyed the tour."
Stephanie Kollar, Hollis, NY - "It was a very well-rounded trip. There was adequate time for the crafts, and adequate free time for exploring."
Janet Henry, Mobile, AL - "This was a fantastic trip! Rhonda, my roommate was a perfect match for me, we had a ball together. Alice was a true delight and a wonderful guide. The best part of the trip was that ALL of us on the trip "clicked" together and we mixed at meals, on the bus, on the tours, shopping - everyone got along. The sites were amazing - Budapest is beautiful with lots of old architecture that they are renovating. The craft classes were interesting and fun (we even had a hubby join us). The guides were great - knowledgeable and friendly and fit the group. In fact, on Friday, Rhonda & I went with Andrea, our second guide, to a street fair and she shared what all the booths were about & what food we should try - and we did. This was fun. Lots of people speak English so we had no problem exploring during free time. People were friendly & helpful. The tours were interesting and shopping was great. Thank you for a wonderful time."
Maggie Barr, South Lebanon, OH - "This tour was different for me from other European tours in that we stayed in one hotel for a week and didn't hop around. Having a home base does make one feel more grounded. The Hilton being attached to a mall made it easy to find a meal without hiking all over town or hiring a cab. I enjoyed hands-on crafts rather than just looking at things in a museum."
Therese Coyne, Winston-Salem, NC - "Wonderful people, exciting destinations and amazing tour guide equals a fabulous trip!"
Diane Green, Newark, OH - "Well paced and balanced trip-not too much walking,fun workshops and sightseeing."
Joy Wayman, Murphysboro, IL - "This is a wonderful way to see Hungary and learn about their history and culture. The schedule was busy, but not overwhelming."
Marietta Jetske Savriga, St. Catharines, Ontario - "This trip exceeded my expectations. The tours were well organized and very informative. My fellow travelers were a pleasure. The accommodations were centrally located and the daily breakfasts were outstanding."
Kathryn S Richburg, Charleston, SC - "Budapeszt and Hungary were a wonderful experience! The fields of sunflowers must have been beautiful while blooming! The glass factory was an amazing experience in how my fine crystal is made and how employee safety guidelines vary in other countries! Our tour guide was amazing with good English and unlimited knowledge of her country. Loved the cooking class! I have already recommended Craftours to all I meet!"
Rhonda Denney, Canon City, CO - "I loved the fact that our group got to experience hands-on crafting during our tour and visit restaurants offering traditional Hungarian fare. Great job!"
Bonnie Post, Satellite Beach, FL - "I really enjoyed Cusco because of its inherent beauty and quaintness."
Tamera Kaplan, Savage, MN - "This is my 5th tour with Craftours and it did not disappoint. The Amazon extension was an unforgettable experience and Cusco/Lima/Aguas Calientes with Machu Picchu also a dream come true. I wish I would have gone years ago. There is so much more to Peru than M.P. Friendly people, outstanding food, and safe! No worries on this trip, in fact with our excellent guides and hotels, I really felt pampered every day. This is a must do!"
Lisa Baltikauski, Spring Valley, IL - "The trip was beyond my expectations. The Amazon trip was just awesome, the tour guide we had was very knowledgeable and made sure we had the best experiences. The food was excellent. All of our day trips and flight connections went very smoothly."
Richard Boisvert, Sumter, SC - "It was an awe inspiring trip. It was well planned and executed. It was great."
Francis Kisner, Lebanon, PA - "Poland is a beautiful country with many friendly people. I had not understood the diversity of landscapes from flat farming regions to rolling hills to the beautiful mountains."
Diane L Green, Newark, OH - "A great trip. Heinke and Kasia were great guides."
Rhonda Denney, Canon City, CO - "A delightful way to see highlights of Poland!"
Gail M Lopez, Charleston, SC - “The tour was very nice. It was my first and Agnes did a wonderful job. Got to see quite a variety of England and experience different cultures and foods. The knitting and stitching show was good, not what they have here in the states, but I did enjoy it. Great Job Agnes!”
Carolyn Cassity, Olathe, KS - “The Knitting and Stitching show was amazing. We stayed in comfortable hotels. Our guide, Agnes, was top notch.”
Jean McCurdy Stein, Muskegon, MI - “This was a lovely trip to England in the fall. We were able to see the beautiful countryside outside London as well as enjoy the Knitting & Stitching Show and other activities in the city.”
Shelly Waite, Las Vegas, NV - “It was an amazing time with a great size group of about 22 of us. This allowed us to get to know each and everyone. We had 2 different tour guides, and both went above and beyond to make our experience awesome. The care and love both Holly and Rosie (and Vic her so helpful husband) made the experience so much more. They all did the company proud.”
Bodil Hall, Edmondton, Alberta - “My Granddaughter and I could not have had a better time, age difference was not even mentioned. We are constantly looking at our pictures and the ones that are shared by the rest of the group. The variety of things to see and do are too many to describe. I am so glad that we were able to take part. Thank you Bodil and Lisa.”
Sheri Knox, San Diego, CA - “I've never traveled alone on a group trip like this but found the other travelers to be wonderful and Rosie and Victor as hosts to be delightful. Our city-specific tour guides were outstanding! There was a perfect balance of craft-related, tourist and on-your-own time. I will definitely go on another Craftours trip with Rosie and Victor!”
Deborah Dyar, La Mesa, CA - “A wonderful time and a great group of ladies.”
Babs Behling, San Diego, CA - “The Barcelona part of the tour was my favorite. I could spend another week there at least.”
Lucy Harville, Central Point, OR - “I thoroughly enjoyed this trip; what an amazing, hospitable country!”
Zoe Enright, Cincinnati, OH - “This was a great opportunity to learn about modern China, and of course a chance to walk the iconic Great Wall and see firsthand the amazing terra cotta warriors of Xi'an. 
Jodi & Jed Rosen, Reisterstown, MD - “Imperial Treasures of China trip was a fabulous introduction to unique architecture, historic sights and the colorful history of China.”
Tracey Renaud, Raleigh, NC - “Seeing and walking on the Great Wall of China and seeing the Terracotta Army was amazing. It was wonderful to be able to visit this beautiful country and learn about its rich history.”
Ruth Murphy, Spokane, WA - “My trip to China was more than expected. Craftours did a wonderful job opening China to me. I’m one of those ppl who don’t really know a country until I’m feeling the country from the inside. Craftours allowed me to do that by presenting me with the varied faces of China. Its ppl was the biggest surprise of all. Even with a language barrier, the Chinese were so friendly and helpful. I honestly think I could live there!”
Polly Conner, Granbury, TX - “China was a wonderful trip.”
Sandra Kohtz, Hastings, NE - “This was a very interesting survey and was very educational regarding China and its culture. The tour group was a cohesive group. The tour guides were great.”
Janet Ferguson, Lodi, CA - “Overall I thought the China trip was an extraordinary adventure.”
Bernard and Karen McDowell, Bowie, MD - “This was an awesome experience and I appreciate the service by our Tour Escort by Kate.”
Michelle Burrill, Upper Marlboro, MD - “The trip was amazing. From the local guide, to our driver, to our Craftours guide! Everyone was so accommodating to our impromptu edits to the itinerary. Our tour guide Fahed was so knowledgeable and funny. He made all the sites enjoyable and interesting. Traveling with a large group can present its challenges but they didn’t bat an eye, making it work every time!”
Rosemary Dawes, Bedford, TX - “The trip was great. Everyone expects to see animals in Kenya, and we saw every kind. But what stood out for me was the visit to the bead factory. The jewelry was great but the opportunity to help support this project was really rewarding.”
Jan Sennett, Pickerington, OH - “This tour was an amazing experience. Kenya is a beautiful country.”
Tanya Marandola, Willington, DE - “I had an excellent time on my Quiltville in Kenya trip. It was a jam-packed itinerary. The hotels and customer service were excellent. I felt safe the entire time I was there. My only very small criticism would have been for just a little more free time. It would have been nice to utilize the pools or spa services offered at the hotels.”
Marc Oldham, Indianapolis, IN - “Amazing experience. Everything was handled well and professionally. Thoroughly enjoyed the trip.”
Holly Mineau, Tupper Lake, NY - “This was a bucket list trip for me, and it was everything I had hoped for and more. The accommodations were great, and we saw more than I anticipated.”
Melinda Armstrong, Monmouth, IL - “I have always wanted to see Africa, especially the animals since I was small. But as a quilter to get to experience the animals with Bonnie Hunter took it to a whole new level. I signed up two years ahead of departure and was filled with excitement the whole two years. I didn't know which would be more exciting seeing Africa or meeting Bonnie and getting to know her. Bonnie was great and I will add her to my list of friends. She is a funny lighthearted person who is very compassionate. We had many laughs together. Africa did not disappoint either. As much as I loved loved loved the animals, it was the people and their spirit that I fell in love with. I came home and that's all I can talk about is the people. They have touched a part of me that the animals could not. I feel very fortunate at this point in my life to have had the opportunity to visit Africa. I will return again someday, I am sure.”
Joyce Swift, Omaha, NE - “This was like a dream I never thought would come true. Kind people, beautiful scenery, fantastic animals. Samuel, our driver, was the best. Incredible driver and he knew where the animals were going to be and what they were going to do before they did it. I would do it all again tomorrow.”
Mary Slinko, Providence, RI - “This trip was a wonderful experience.”
Paula Logan, Burlington, IA - “It far exceeded all my expectations. Bonnie is a talented and genuine person.”
Kathie Chapman, Everett, WA - “It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was just fabulous. I'm so glad that I signed up and went. Still trying to process all that I saw and did - many memories for years to come.”
Melody Cox, Raytown, MO - “It was a great trip! Even better than I imagined!”
Bonnie Post, Satellite Beach, FL - “Tuscany was beautiful along with the sunny weather and Agnes the well-informed tour guide.”
Beverly Fleming, Burke, VA - “Great tour. Excellent tour director. Pace was quite challenging for older stitchers. People interested in a stitching tour will of course be older than usual and we need a slower pace.”
Karen Uridel, Mentor, OH - “This was a very special event. The guys were so knowledgeable and patient. They were always willing to show us how to do the stitching and cutting.”
Connie Smith, Los Cruces, NM - “Fun, interesting and informative. Excellent teachers and fun group of participants.”
Bobbie Dewees, Springfield, VA - “The classes with the Tentmakers of Cairo were outstanding. The instructors were all extremely friendly and helpful.”
Julie Archer, Haymarket, VA - “This was my fifth Cocoon. I loved the first one, but they get better each time. I always leave inspired.”
Frances Edye, Winnipeg, Manitoba - “I had no previous experience with hand applique, so this was all new to me the instructors were patient and wanted us to learn.”
Eunice Sutter, Pace, FL- “This was a very unique experience. The tent makers from Cairo was fun, patient, and seemed very happy to share their knowledge with us. I am so glad I had the opportunity to be a part of this experience. Although my skills were not the best, they shared a lot of tips that I will use in my day-to-day quilting/handwork projects. Thank you and thank the tent makers.”
Maryanne Dochter, Lititz, PA - “I loved it!!!!! The teachers were enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. I am a long time appliquer, but I learned new techniques to add to my quilts.”
Chris Deering, Niles, IL - “A wonderful experience. The teachers were great, informative and encouraging. And we learned something about their culture. I loved every minute of it!”
Marilyn Nance, Chicago, IL - “Had a wonderful time--the instructors were enthusiastic, helpful, and very patient.”
Kathryn F Taylor, Dallas, TX - “I loved every minute of it. The Tentmakers were amazing in their instructions, very patient and didn't mind helping and answering questions - no matter how many times they were asked. Their attitudes were always positive, and it was contagious.”
Sandy Millett, Corvallis, OR - “As a needle turn applique teacher, I didn’t think I would learn that much. However, all three gentlemen were generous with their knowledge and taught us 1000-year-old techniques. Bravo!”
Deb Covington, Napa, CA - “It was a great cultural experience.”
Betsy Segura, Randolph, NH - “Interesting techniques, a slice of history with excellent teachers. I enjoyed every minute.”
Michelle Moore, Napa, CA - “Wonderful cultural experience. Learning how other crafters work, their history and techniques is enlightening and fun.”
Ellen Icochea, Springfield, VA - “I would highly recommend that anyone, at any skill level, attend Craftours Tentmakers of Cairo Quilting Cocoon! As a machine quilter, I was a little concerned that I'd not be able to keep up or that the instructors would be frustrated with my lack of hand sewing skills. I really should not have worried! The Tentmakers, Ahmed, Hany and Ekramy, were able to meet me and other very experienced classmates, at our respective experience levels. They were warm, patient and funny in their instruction. I'm actually glad I was inexperienced because I didn't have any bad habits that needed to be rectified. Of course, I will never be as fast as them at hand sewing, but I feel confident that I have gained a toolbox full of skills that will serve me well going forward! If you are even a slight interest in the Tentmakers, GO! GO! GO! you won't be disappointed!”
Carolyn Anderson, Middleboro, MA - “FABULOUS trip. Deb was a great guide. Her urban sketch class was a lovely addition to the itinerary.”
Cecilia, Malvern, AR - “I absolutely loved this trip! The accommodations were fantastic. The tours were very crafty and there was time to explore.”
Krista Labie, Plymouth, MN - “The Bali tour was my first tour with Craftours. I have been very impressed with the professionalism of the Craftours office staff who made sure travel insurance and any other concerns were addressed before we left. Our Craftours guide Deb Haugen made the tour very fun and entertaining. The accommodations were first class and activities allowed us to interact directly with Balinese crafters and artists. I will go on other Craftours in the future.”
Ileen Miller, Oceanside, CA - “It was fabulous- loved the workshops, seeing the local countryside, talking with the Balinese people, eating the typical food.”
Susan and David Simpson, Danville, PA - “Unbelievable trip. Was a wonderful and informative trip. So many interesting side trips. Loved the Elephant Sanctuary and the ride. The Ikat weaving and the Batik were the very best. AND we got to participate. How wonderful was that. Even my husband, who is not a fiber person, had a great time. Best trip ever!!!”
Marilee Marter, Monument, CO - “The hands-on workshops were so much fun! The balance of activities and free time was perfect, and our tour leader was the best! Local tour guide, Sumada, was very kind and well-informed. Every day was well-planned and easily manageable for all the guests.”
Grace Brouillette, Banning, CA - “Bali is a lovely country. This trip covered two different areas of Bali. We saw several types of crafts and participated in painting and wood carving. We made a flower offering also. The optional tours were awesome. The Bali Bird Park and the Elephant Safari Park were wonderful. The pace was very good.”
Patricia Davis, Tucson, AZ - “A wonderful opportunity to experience many local craft venues and participate ‘hands on’ at many of them; this was something most visitors will never experience on their own.”
Nanette McDoniels, Tucson, AZ - “It was a very great trip. We had a lot of fun. The people were very nice and helpful. Everything was taken care of for us. The hotels were very nice. Shopping was great. We Learned a lot on the tours.”
Sandy Rogers, Henderson, NV - “This was my 4th Craft Tour. They just get better each time. Great itinerary, full of fun crafts. Best escort, Alice, by far. Awesome accommodations. On site escort and bus driver very helpful. I use a walker and the crew made using it very easy. I will always recommend Craft Tours to my friends and quilt club members. Thanks again.”
Barbara Murphy, Saratoga, NY - “Loved it! Our tour guide Agnes and our bus driver Pat were wonderful and really made the tour fun. Saw many great places, ate good food and drank wonderful whiskey. I would differently recommend using Craft Tours for your next vacation.”
Carol Stewart, Slingerlands, NY - “My trip was absolutely amazing. Agnes and Patrick were knowledgeable, humorous, caring and just a delight to be with. I would recommend this company to anybody. Thank you for such a wonderful experience.”
Barb Khaja, Kalamazoo, MI - “Wonderful trip. Includes so much more than the typical travel sites. The opportunities to visit the local crafts (tile painting/making; hand embroidered tapestries), agritourism (Olive oil farm; Wine making and heritage family estate; cork making and so much more) and local cooking lesson were all so very special. They provide what becomes the highlights of our memories. We had great walks (be prepared as Portugal is hilly and there is a lot of walking) in several picturesque cities. Our mountain drive was so lucky to have a sunshiny day. Beautiful. And on our free day we explored Lisbon and more by taking the metro and a train to Cascais (thanks to great instructions from our local guides) to see that area along with the fisherman's beach/boats.”
Nancy Vykouk, Lebanon, TN - “You put together a great tour of Portugal, I felt I was able to experience so much in the 6 days there! The tours were all top notch and the craft excursions were delightful! Well done!”
Susan Owen, Colorado Springs, CO - “Great idea to have the group experience both central Portugal (Evora) and big better-known European city Lisbon.”
Marilyn Wattenbarger, Red Deer, Alberta - “Great variety of activities for all. Tour guides were knowledgeable and helpful.”
Zaf Khaja, Kalamazoo, MI - “Excellent planning from start to finish. Timely & prompt communications before, during and after the trip. The local guides Eduardo & Patrice were excellent and went above and beyond the expected norm to make our tour the best experience. They took pride in their duties always with a welcome smile and caring courteous attention to detail. The Craftour guide Kate H was a pure delight and handled the groups needs with grace and dignity.”
Marianne Baumgartner, Dunwoody, GA - “It was an enjoyable trip to a new country & culture. I learned a lot.”
Ann McDevitt, Burlington, MA - “The experience, country, people, and food were wonderful.”
Lucy Harville, Central Point, OR - “I thoroughly loved this trip even though the excursions to Jerash and Petra were quite strenuous. The country is amazing, our local guide was outstanding, the activities were exceptional and varied, and the regional food was delicious.”
Diane Felice, St. Augustine, FL - “Wonderful trip! There was an excellent variety of things to see and do. The local tour guides as well as the Craftours guide were very helpful the entire time in getting info to all of us.”
Barbara Carbone - “The highlights for me were the wine and olive oil tastings. I learned a lot and they were fun, too. The countryside of Evora was beautiful. The hotels were beautiful with pampering accommodations.”
Tom Otey, Fishers, IN - “Learned a lot about Portugal that the average tourist would never discover.”
Kathy Bonnell, Sterling, IL - “Portugal is a beautiful country and the people are friendly. The food and wines are amazing! I loved the castles and cathedrals and the pastries, oh my!”
Barbara Clark, Lexington, KY - “This was a wonderful experience. Our guide, Holly, was excellent. She was very attentive to our needs and always available. Our driver, Brenden, managed to negotiate very narrow streets and windy roads with ease. Spending time in the city of Galway and the daily side trips truly gave a taste of Ireland. I loved every minute of this adventure.”
Susan Phillips, Linville, VA - “The trip details before the trip were clear and communication with the Craftours staff was quick and satisfactory. The trip was laid-back, but plans ran on time each day. The bus driver Brendan was a definite plus-pleasant and very knowledgeable.”
Patty Tufts, Mariposa, CA - “A wonderful introduction to What Ireland has to offer.”
Kathy Nester, Exton, PA - “Excellent and fun trip with Agnes as the guide and Patrick as the driver.”
Judy Clark, Port Orchard, WA - “Excellent tour. Loved the itinerary. Would like to see more cultural sites added to tour and less shopping. Tour coordinator and driver/guide were fantastic.”
Alicia Liermann, Downington, PA - “This was my first international visit and my first tour group. I was pleased with what we saw and did, and it was so much fun. Agnes and Patrick were simply awesome. I do wish we had one more day in Dublin to be able to do more on our own. Otherwise, every tour and visit were exactly what I expected.”
Carolynn Spies, Des Moines, WA - “I thoroughly enjoyed this tour. Ireland is a beautiful country, and the guides, Agnes and Pat, made it come alive.”
Cheryl Dolence, Salem, OH - “The tour was far beyond expectations.”
Irene Dietlin, New Hartford, CT - “The tour was well planned and carried out. Our tour director and driver were excellent and made our trip a pleasure.”
Cathy Climpson, Sharon, Ontario - “Great time and wonderful scenery. A countryside of old-time charm.”
Nancy Davenport, Gig Harbor, WA - “Great Tour. Learned lots about Ireland and was amazed at how beautiful it was! Truly the Emerald Aisle. New Friends.”
Marsha Azorsky, Hailey, ID - “Craftours Ireland was an awesome tour. There was plenty of variety and diversity.”
Maureen Lamping, Olympia, WA - “I had such a great trip with Pat the driver and Agnes kept us entertained and informed of our surroundings on the bus stopping numerous times so we could take pictures to remember it all. I loved the classes, especially the journal class.”
Pene Owens, Rancho Mirage, CA - “And experience you won’t forget, from the sounds, smells and textiles. Our Guide Govind was fantastic. And any experience with Pam is life changing.”
Paula Bain, Kansas City, MO - “Everything about the trip was fantastic.”
Meg McSweeney, Manhattan Beach, CA - “If you are going to fulfill your childhood dream of seeing all the locations in THE SOUND OF MUSIC, doesn't it make sense to go with someone who was there when the movie was made? Angela Cartwright is an eyewitness to movie history -- and also a warm and gracious human being. She generously shared her memories and insights into the making of one of the most beloved movies of all time, filmed in one of the most beautiful cities in all of Europe.”
Claire Freire, East Elmhurst, NY - “The tour was a trip of a lifetime, one I will never forget. Bucket list item #1 was one for the record books.”
Linda Wilshire, Troy, IL - “The Christmas market tour was a wonderful way to experience Austria and Bavaria at a very reasonable cost. Getting to blow my own glass ornament for a keepsake was an additional bonus.”
Patricia Parr, Buckeye, AZ - “Loved the trip! Our stay in Salzburg was sensational. So much to see and do. I especially loved the free time to do as we wished. Our tour guide, Deb, was just a joy to be around. I'm looking forward to my next tour.”
Winifred (Wendy) Warner, Denton, TX - “I totally enjoyed this tour! First of all, our tour guide, Heike, was a fabulous resource for all of us. I enjoyed that we had plenty of time to walk the Christmas markets at our own pace. I really enjoyed it when we stayed in a German hotel instead of the American Hotels. The breakfasts were great, and we had plenty of choices for the other meals.”
Pam Doffek, Tallahassee, FL - “I thought it was a wonderful reintroduction to some places I've been in the area (Oberammergau, Salzburg, Hurenburg markets) and new exposure (Sulky tours, Ruhpolding, Krampus, Munich). Our guide Heike was marvelous with bits of info and guiding us at the markets.”
Chris Santo, Bowie, MD - “I loved every minute of every day on this fabulous trip." Ruhpolding is a beautiful little town with the most charming people and a great selection for "home base". The days were filled with so many amazing things to do. We visited Christmas Markets in several locations and enjoyed their food and mulled wine. The glass blowing and Apple Strudel workshops were a unique experience that were highlights of this trip along with everyone singing Silent Night together in the Silent Night Chapel in Oberndorf. The evening workshops planned for us were a blast, filled with laughter where we become more acquainted with each other. Angela Cartwright thrilled us with details from the Sound of Music after our visit to Salzburg where the movie was filmed. There was never a dull moment. I have already booked a trip with Craftours to Tuscany next year.”
Valerie, Arvada, CO - “I thoroughly enjoyed the Craftours Bringing in Holiday in Austria & Bavaria with Jim West. All of the accommodations were first class and the tour guide was very informative, friendly, and approachable!”
Wanda Brotherton, Denver, CO - “The Christmas Markets were as enchanting as I had anticipated! I especially loved the making of Apple strudel in the "cave" cooking school.”
Kimberly Vele, Bowler, WI - “The tour was beyond my expectation: great guides with a small group of great travel companions. I particularly loved staying in one place as a hub with day trips. Lots of walking, talking, eating and shopping against the amazing beauty of the Bavarian countryside. I could not ask for more.”
Christine Wiebke, Mineola, NY - “A magical and adventurous tour in the winter picturesque snow-capped Alps of Austria and Bavaria Germany. The mountainous landscape is dotted with magnificent alpine villages, churches, chalets, shops, guest houses, lakes, palaces and history galore. Such old-world European Culture and sites each day. The Christkindlmarkts were amazing and overflowing with warmed Gluwein, wursts, sausages, chocolates, lebkuchen, gifts and the fragrance of Christmas and evergreens everywhere in the chilled alpine air. Charming and very clean Bavarian hotel accommodations and always a delicious meal in Germany and Austria. Roomy tour bus with large windows for our group of 22. A beautifully planned tour and itinerary with great memories led so informatively and fun-filled by Jim West. A wonderful and unforgettable trip!”
Grace Mascioli, Howard Beach, NY - “The trip was simply magical.”
Sara Ballentine, Clemson, SC - “The small group was perfect for this active tour. We were all able to keep up/stay together and we were able to hear the delightful descriptions of our next-up adventure.”
Christine Wiebke, Mineola, NY - “An exciting December tour with Jim West surrounded by the picturesque snow-capped Alps of Bavaria Germany and Austria. Tiny alpine chalet villages dotted the landscape, along with lakes, rivers, churches and palaces. The Christkindlmarkts were abundant with tourists and locals sipping hot mulled Gluhwein and lunching on bratwurst and sausages. The market displays were overflowing with crafts, Christmas decor, chocolates, nuts and lebkuchen gingerbread cookies. Our travels throughout captured such panoramic beauty as we became a part of the amazing old world European Culture of Germany and Austria. I am thrilled to have seen and enjoyed such a tour in my lifetime. A trip not to be missed!”
Carol and Larry Vessels, Camino, CA - “Educational, festive, and a great opportunity to meet others with similar interests. It was a lot of just plain fun. Meeting Jim was a bonus (what a personality).”
Judy Nunn, Laguna Hills, CA - “The small group experience was incredible! Staying at the one hotel and traveling on day excursions was perfect!”
Barbara Smith, Perrysburg, OH - “This truly was a wonderful trip. The accommodations were excellent! Our guide, Holly, was the absolute Best!! Although my sister-in-law and I did not fly to Germany with the rest of the group, Craft Tours did an excellent job of making sure we arrived within a reasonable time from the rest. As a Non-Quilter I still felt a part of the group and made several new friends. Our tours were well put together and the Christmas Markets were amazing!!”
Sharon Fry, Merriam, KS - “It was truly a beautiful area in the world!”
Mary Willis, West Roxbury, MA - “I had a great time. both the tour guide, Holly, and Bonnie were delightful hosts. We saw and visited many beautiful Christmas Markets in Germany and Austria.”


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